Australians Jubilantly Celebrate ‘Yes’ Vote For Same-Sex Marriage


Australia moved one step closer to marriage equality on Wednesday — and cameras were on hand to capture the nation’s rainbow-embellished glee.

In a nationwide postal poll, an overwhelming majority supported the legalization of same-sex marriage. The results showed that 7.8 millionAustralians ― 61.6 percent of respondents ― voted yes.

More than 12.7 million people participated in the voluntary survey, for a nationwide response rateof nearly 80 percent.

The issue will now go to the Australian Parliament. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised a vote on legalizing same-sex marriagebefore Christmas.

“The people have voted yes for marriage equality. Now it is our job to deliver it,” Turnbulltold reporters in Canberra.

Here are some of the jubilant photos and Twitter posts from around the nation: 

The celebration at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne.
More of the celebrants at the state library.
A 'flash mob' performs at a street party in Melbourne.
A couple hugs at the gathering at the state library.
The leader of Australia's Labor Party, Bill Shorten, joins the cheering at the state library as the results of the nationwide poll on legalizing same-sex marriage are announced.
People celebrate in Sydney.
Cousins Hope Voigt, Mathilda Bowman and Rory Voigt are part of the crowd in Sydney.
Supporters of legalizing same-sex marriage listen to speeches at Taylor Square in the heart of Sydney's gay precinct.
David Bryant and Nick Higgins rejoice in Sydney.
Mathilda Bowman, 5, looks on as her mothers, Kate Bowman and Melinda Voigt, each place a hand on her shoulder in Sydney.
The Golden Princess arrives in Sydney Harbour flying the rainbow flag in support of marriage equality.
Rebecca Davies (left) and her partner, Paula Van Bruggen, kiss in Melbourne as the results of the poll on legalizing same-sex are announced.
Victor De Sousa (left) and Chris Murray share the moment in Taylor Square in Sydney.

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