Australians protest against queen's day of mourning

STORY: In Sydney, protesters gathered at Sydney Town Hall and marched through the central business district, denouncing the monarchy and the impact of Britain's colonization on First Nations people.

"The monarchy represents everything that's wrong with the world today. The fact that a group of unelected, born-to-rule people, get to live in gold-plated palaces while the rest of us can't even afford heating during the winter. So I think that's why we need to be out here today," protester Brendan Tate told Reuters from the streets of Sydney.

In Melbourne, around 600 protesters led by a group called The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, marched from Flinders Street Station to the British consulate, where they rubbed red-painted hands on the wall.

Thursday was declared a national holiday and a memorial ceremony was held at Parliament House in Canberra for Queen Elizabeth, who died on September 8.