Authorisation now needed for use of Johor emblems, titles and awards

Rizalman Hammim

JOHOR BARU: Beginning May 2, those with intentions to use the Johor’s coat of arms, emblems, awards and titles would need to get the permission from the state government.

State Secretary Datuk Azmi Rohani said the usage of these symbols for the production and sales of clothing items and corporate souvenirs such as pens, lanyards, paper bags and notepads as well as printing on letter heads and displays at any buildings would need to have the written permission from the state government.

“The exception would be for state government departments and agencies. The usage of emblems, titles and awards, other than the state’s coat of arms, would need the permission from the Johor Royal Department,” said Azmi in a circular today.

He said the circular was issued after the Johor Emblems, Titles and Awards (Prevention of Improper Use) Enactment 2017 was passed at the state assembly on March 9, 2017 and gazetted on March 16, 2017.

The enactment provides for fines of between RM250,000 and RM500,000 to anyone found guilty of misusing the Johor royal crest, state coat of arms, flags and other official symbols of the Johor Sultanate.

Azmi said the enactment was enacted following the decree by the Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar who said that there is a need for a law to prevent the improper use of these symbols.

“The application for the usage of the coat of arms must be sent to the office of the State Secretary (Management Services Division) two months before the date of its proposed usage while the application for the usage of the emblems, titles and awards must be sent to the Johor Royal Department three months prior to its proposed usage,” said Azmi.

He, however, said the state government have agreed to a 60-day cooling period, beginning from May 2, before the enforcement of the enactment.

“This is to ensure that the public is well-informed of this circular and to enable them to comply with the requirements under the enactment. Full enforcement will only be carried out after the end of the cooling period,” said Azmi.

For further enquiries, the public can contact the office of the State Secretary (Management Services Division) at 07-2666070 or 07-2666071.