Authorities on alert for high tide phenomenon, advise caution

BALQIS JAZIMAH ZAHARI, Zuliaty Zulkiffli and Ruwaida Md Zain

IPOH: Perak Civil Defence Force (APM) is monitoring five district hotspots that are prone to high tide as it braces for the phenomenon reported to affect several states this week. State APM deputy director Lieutenant Colonel (PA) Zairil Anuar Zulmuji said the hotspots were Hilir Perak, Bagan Datuk, Manjung, Larut, Matang dan Selama (LMS); and Kerian. “Starting from today, Perak APM would conduct surveillance on areas with high risk areas identified to be affected with the first phase of high tide and would continue to do so until Sept 13. “We have 150 personnel on standby and would be deployed at a moment’s notice during a high tide and if the situation worsen or remains, we would be prepared to deploy 800 more,” he said when contacted today. Zairil Anuar said warnings were issued to residents through various mediums including Whatsapp, notices, mosque announcements and other social media platforms. “Residents are advised to place their electronic appliances and valuables at safe places and prepare bags containing basic necessities and clothes, as well as shutting off electric supply at their homes whenever they are instructed to evacuate,” he said. In Kedah, the high tide phenomenon yesterday had also resulted in decline in fish catch in Kuala Kedah. Fisherman Ismail Awang, 57, said most of them were more cautious and returned to land when it was cloudy to prevent untoward incident. “In addition to the high tide phenomenon, the wave and wind were quite strong yesterday, so we only managed to catch about 10kg fishes. The same thing happened today, we had to settle with 10kg haul worth about RM80,” he said when met at the fishing jetty in Kampung Seberang Kota, today. Kedah Fire and Rescue Department director Abdul Razak Muda said it would be on alert for floods from Sept 9 to 12 and Sept 23 to 24. “As of now, our focus would be Langkawi and Kuala Muda, while also monitoring other areas. “I advise the public to avoid visiting high-tide prone areas for the time being,” he said today, adding that there were also possibilities of sudden surge of water level as recently reported in Tupah, Sungai Petani and Titi Hayun in Yan. In Selangor, there was no overflow of sea water at the coastal areas detected since a 5.4meter high tide was reported this morning. Flash flood at Jalan Jepun, Kampung Delek, which was caused by a downpour receded soon after the floodgate there was opened. Selangor Natural Disaster Management Unit said so far no evacuation centre had been opened and that the bund along the coast had been effective in preventing the inflow of water. Checks by NSTP conducted alongside the Fire and Rescue Department personnel on several coastal areas showed that business was as usual for fishermen and visitors at Pulau Ketam and Tanjung Harapan, among others. Klang Zone Fire and Rescue Department chief Samsol Maarif Saibani said the checks included hotspots in both land and sea areas including Teluk Gong, Pelabuhan Barat and areas in Pulau Indah and Pulau Ketam. “Five boats, three fire engines and three utility vehicles with manpower strength of 67 personnel will be on standby. “Residents are advised to be cautious for the next three or four days and ready for an overflow if there is a downpour in villages. “Always keep your important documents in a safe area; monitor and give priority to children, elderly and the disabled when receiving evacuation order by the authorities,” he said.

(File pic) Perak Civil Defence Force (APM) is monitoring five district hotspots that are prone to high tide as it braces for the phenomenon reported to affect several states this week.

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