Authorities closely monitoring rent-sangla scam prime suspect

UPPER PHOTO: Rent-sangla suspect Rafaela Anunciacion, being escorted by policemen. LOWER PHOTO: Some of the vehicles recovered by the PNP Highway Patrol Group (UNTV News)

The PNP Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) wants to ensure that Rafaela Anunciacion, the prime suspect in the multi-billion peso rent-sangla scam, will not be able to escape.

This is why the police unit continues to monitor her whereabouts after being temporarily released on bail.

Authorities arrested Anunciacion in Laguna for estafa charges but she was able to post bail of P40,000.

Meanwhile, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has placed the said suspect under a look out bulletin.

“Our intelligence operatives are closely monitoring our primary suspect in this rent-sangla scam because we don’t want her escaping our attention; it would be unfortunate for the victims,” said PNP-HPG Task Force Limbas spokesperson, PS/Insp Jem Delantes.

Delantes is confident that the suspects will have no chance of fleeing after the filing of syndicated estafa charges against them, which is a non-bailable offense.

“The large scale or syndicated estafa being filed by the HPG and other units are still at the DOJ. We are waiting for their update. Maybe they are still conducting preliminary investigation on the case,” he said.

The rent-sangla victims in Bulacan want to ensure that the suspects will not be able to victimize others.

“I hope the charges that will be filed are non-bailable so that she will pay for all the scams she pulled,” said one of Anunciacion’s victims.

The PNP-HPG has asked the Bank Security Managers Association of the Philippines (BSMA) to probe bank credit investigators or bank personnel who may be involved in the said scheme.

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This is because, the HPG said, there are suspicions over several banks’ fast approval and release of vehicles to the suspects by using only the names of their victims.

“We are also recommending that a parallel investigation do done by the Anti-Fraud and Commercial Crime Unit, CIDG on the practice of the Dealer’s In House Financing of simulated “lease” of motor vehicles to actual mortgagors to determine the degree of the participation in the commission of the crime,” said Delantes.

Of the 1,800 vehicles involved in the scam, more than 600 have already been recovered, and over 200 have been returned to their rightful owners.

The remaining missing stolen vehicles are still being tracked down.

Meanwhile, authorities have already filed syndicated estafa charges against remaining suspects. — Grace Casin | UNTV News and Rescue

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