Autoblog tries out Launch Control in the Lucid Air with the Stig riding shotgun

Do you need the Stig to use the Launch Control in the 1,050-horsepower Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance? Oh hell no, it's actually crazy easy to use. But, do you still want to do 0-60 time of 2.6 seconds with Ben Collins riding shotgun? Oh hell yes! Autoblog Senior Editor gets behind the wheel of the Lucid Air with Top Gear's former Stig and current Lucid brand ambassador, Ben Collins, for a demo of the Air Grand Touring Performance's Launch Control system. Apparently, Riswick needs to hit the gym, or at least be content with about 70% brake pressure. #TheStig #lucidair #topgear

Video transcript

BEN COLLINS: You put some force on it with your left foot, which you've already got set--

JAMES RISWICK: Already done.

BEN COLLINS: That's great. And then you'll apply full power, hands on the wheel, looking ahead and then-- and then, yeah. You just-- just put the brake away. And then your right foot is going to take over the braking, when we get to those flags.


BEN COLLINS: So I'm ready, when you are.


BEN COLLINS: Give it full power, and then step away the brake. There it is. Keep going, that's great. And brake. That's great, so that's about 70% brake pressure. So it still stop really well. But it will stop shorter, if you want it to, but that was very nice, thank you. All good.


BEN COLLINS: How did it feel?

JAMES RISWICK: That was only 70% brake pressure?

BEN COLLINS: That's what I felt, yeah.


BEN COLLINS: Which was great. So that, was more in it, it will stop. But you know innately, we don't like to beat on cars and it's--

JAMES RISWICK: Oh I thought I was, so apparently I have more-- I have more in me.

BEN COLLINS: You had more--

JAMES RISWICK: I should try harder.

BEN COLLINS: Yeah. It was-- there was more in the leg--


BEN COLLINS: And actually, more in the tire, it will stop even quicker. But that it was a nice stop so, that was great.