Autonom Cab to launch in Las Vegas

We're getting used to hearing about the big-name vehicle manufacturers demonstrating their latest electric and autonomous vehicles, and plenty of new companies from China are now getting in on the act too. But another company some people may never have heard of, Navya, is launching a pretty revolutionary autonomous taxi at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, and it really could be one of the first to bring truly autonomous mobility to our roads.

The Navya Autonom Cab is making its debut in America at CES 2018, with live demonstrations being carried out in the downtown Las Vegas Innovation District. The Autonom Cab will be operated by Navya's valued partner, Keolis, which will be the system's first operator in North America.

Unlike many of the driverless cars and taxis we see at the moment undergoing testing, Autonom Cab has been designed as a truly autonomous vehicle from day one. That means the entire interior space is dedicated to the comfort and convenience of its up to six passengers, so there's no cockpit, no steering wheel and no pedals for human operation.

The system is designed to operate as either a shared or a private transportation service, and although it is capable of speeds of up to 55 mph, its average most of the time will be limited to 30 mph as it will be traveling in urban areas and will therefore have to conform to appropriate speed limits.

Through a dedicated smartphone application, users are able to order an Autonom Cab, open and close its doors, and start it up with nothing more than a click.

Navya CEO, Christophe Sapet, explains, "With the introduction of vehicles such as Navya's Autonom Cab we hope to kick start a sea change in the available options for urban mobility in cities across North America and beyond. Autonomous, personalized and shared, this unique mobility solution answers the major challenges urban populations face traveling in and around cities."

The company showed its first autonomous vehicle, the Autonom Shuttle, at CES last year, but the Autonom Cab definitely looks like a real glimpse at the future right here and now.

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