AV star Yua Mikami guest stars in singer-songwriter Namewee’s latest music video

Namewee and Yua Mikami's 'I Shot You' music video. (PHOTO: Yua Mikami Twitter)

By: Wenting Ang

Premiering his latest single, ‘I Shot You’, on his Youtube channel on 27 June, Malaysian singer-songwriter-producer Namewee featured Japanese AV star Yua Mikami in his video, clocking over 1.4 million views in less than 17 hours. 

Released as part of Namewee’s 2020 Asian Polymath album, the music video was filmed in March before Malaysia’s Restricted Movement Order (RMO) kicked in. 

Containing suggestive lyrics describing sexual intercourse, ‘I Shot You’ features a play on words which could also be seen as a cheesy romantic tune. In Namewee’s words found in the video’s description, “This is definitely a romantic love song. Trust me, if you have a clean and pure mind”. 

Famous for his controversial music career, Namewee first gained recognition in 2007 when he remade Malaysia’s national anthem, drawing criticism from the society. The singer gained international popularity and following with the release of ‘Stranger In The North’, a duet with Leehom, which to date, brought in 168 million views

Instead of a duet in ‘I Shot You’, Namewee had Yua solely being featured as the female protagonist in the music video. With over 1.2 million followers on Twitter and 2.2 million followers on Instagram, Yua is one of the most popular and best-selling AV idols in Japan. 

Following her graduation from AKB48’s sister group, SKE48, in 2014, Yua, born Momona Kito, adopted the persona Yua Mikami and began her career in the AV industry. 

Planned for a one-film career, Yua’s huge success in her debut film - the highest-selling film from her label and one of the highest-selling adult video released in 2015 - kickstarted her determination to remain as an active performer in the adult video industry. 

Branching out from adult videos, Yua released her solo single, ‘Ribbon’, in 2016, and even debuted as part of a South Korean-based idol group, Honey Popcorn, with fellow AV stars, Moko Sakura and Miko Matsuda. From 2015 to 2017, she is also part of Ebisu Muscats, a Japanese female idol group made up of AV actresses and gravure idol models.

With her films regularly charting on best-selling charts in Japan, Yua’s sweet and clean image also helped her maintain a huge fanbase of female fans, many who looked up to her for her fashion style. 

While AV stars hardly appear on mainstream fashion magazines, Yua had magazine spreads in popular Japanese fashion magazines such as ViVi, Bijin Hyakka, LARME, and more. Starting the apparel brand YOUR'S in 2019, Yua is both a designer and producer of the clothing sold under her label. 

Uploading irregularly onto her personal Youtube channel, Yua shares dance covers, fashion tips, vlogs, and even insights into the AV industry on her channel. 

Yua Mikami in Namewee's music video. (PHOTO: Yua Mikami Twitter)