Avian flu outbreak in Kelantan contained, no new locations reported

Beatrice Nita Jay

KUALA LUMPUR: The Veterinary Services Department (DVS) has confirmed that as of yesterday, there have been no reports of H5N1 avian flu outbreak at any new locations.

In a statement released today, the DVS said that it is continuously monitoring the situation at six locations where H5N1 has been positively detected.

“Twenty-eight locations in six places in Kelantan were detected positive for the outbreak. So far, 34,520 birds have been culled and 13,969 eggs have been destroyed by the department,” the statement read.

DVS also said 3262 samples had been obtained from 552 breeders for surveillance.

“The team has been sent to capture and cull all fowls within a 1km radius of the infected areas.

“This does not mean that they are infected, however this process needs to be done to create a buffer to prevent further spread of the disease,” DVS said.

The statement said an active surveillance team has been directed to head to the affected areas for clinical observations on all fowls and to conduct cloacal swab samples from carcasses, if any.

The disease is now being contained within a 30km radius from Kampung Pulau Tebu, which covers six areas, namely Kota Bharu, Pasir Mas, Pasir Puteh, Tumpat, Tanah Merah and Bachok.

DVS has assured the public that all broiler chicken and eggs were safe for consumption and asked the public to report any fowl deaths.

The department had also said that the outbreak is under control, adding that the spread of the avian flu is only within the areas classified as positive and involving free-range chicken reared by small-scale breeders.