Avoid over-exercise, expert warns heart patients

Dr Madhavi Konetigari speaking at the World Conference on Exercise Medicine in Langkawi, November 20, 2017. — Picture by A. Ruban

LANGKAWI, Nov 20 — Overtraining or performing rigorous exercise can be deadly for those with cardio-respiratory diseases, an expert from India told a conference here.

Professor of Physiotherapy Dr Madhavi Konetigari said doctors should also be wary of prescribing exercises for their patients.

“Prescribing the right dose of exercise is important because one can experience an acute ‘overdose’ of exercise.

“Acute exercise overdoses and chronic overtraining must be avoided in persons who have limited reserve because of chronic disease or disability,” said the doctor from Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences University, Tirupati.

She was speaking at the three-day World Conference on Exercise Medicine, ending tomorrow.

While stressing that exercise is important, Dr Madhavi said a person with a heart condition should consult a doctor before performing an exercise.

“If you are unsure (of what or how to perform an exercise), take it slow… maybe start at 40 per cent of your body’s ability and then gradually increase the intensity to not more than 80 per cent of your ability to push further,” she said.

Dr Madhavi said light aerobics such as walking or cycling coupled with light weight training should be the staple of a heart patient’s training regime.

“Know your ability, limit, interest and energy level. Don’t push your limit as it can have an adverse effect,” she said.

Other topics discussed at the conference include endocrinology and exercise, cancer and exercise, metabolic diseases and exercise, and non-communicable diseases (NCDs).