AWAS trial period: 13,000 motorists issued summonses


KUALA LUMPUR: ALMOST 13,000 motorists have been issued summonses by the Road Transport Department (RTD) during the trial implementation of the Automated Awareness Safety (Awas) System from April 1 to 14.

RTD director-general Datuk Seri Nadzri Siron said 11,209 motorists were caught driving above the speed limit and some 1,700 were caught beating the red light.

He said motorists who were issued summonses within the trial period would not get demerit points.

“However, those who have been issued with summonses on April 15 onwards will get demerit points,” he said.

“If the motorists do not admit to the offences, they can claim trial and show evidence that they did not commit the offences in court.

“The demerit point system was introduced to raise awareness and increase the level of compliance among motorists.

“If a motorist obtained less than 20 demerit points and did not commit any other traffic offences within one year, the demerit points will be reduced by half,” he said.

Nadzri said for the first 20 demerit points, motorists will be issued a warning letter.

“For the second stage — which is the second, third and fourth 20 demerit points — their licences will be suspended for between six and 12 months.

“In the third stage, motorists will see their licences revoked.”

It was reported that the Awas system was aimed at catching habitual traffic offenders in the act.

Under the system, offenders would not only get demerit points, but would also have their licences suspended or cancelled.

RTD will add 23 new offences into the system in stages, which include using a handphone while driving, failing to stop at police checkpoints and overloading commercial vehicles.