The Awesomely Body-Positive Way Women Are Responding to Fat Shamers

Elise Solé

A random guy who offered his unsolicited (and sexist) take on the female form has unintentionally triggered a body-positive revolution.

Women are clapping back at fat shamers who say only women of a certain weight should wear bikinis. (Photo: kelkochmann/Twitter)

On Monday, Twitter user @ElliottEdie35 took to his keyboard to share his musings on the size of women’s bodies. “Girls over 110 should never post pics in a bikini just sayin,” he tweeted to his 557 followers.

The backlash was swift and strong — and women of all sizes began posting bikini pictures .

“I just want to make it clear that the tweet was a joke and I do not really believe that women shouldn’t take pictures due to their weight,” @ElliottEdie35, who prefers to keep his identity anonymous, tells Yahoo Beauty, adding, “I’m 17 years old.”

Back in October, a similar phenomenon occurred after a person, whose account is now deactivated, issued this helpful tip: “REMINDER: Girls over 115 SHOULD NOT post bikini pics, post selfies, post legging pics, have opinions, breathe air.”  Women responded in kind.

The man’s tweet was later turned into a meme for the body-positive movement, with some subbing in the word “can” for “should not” in the man’s tweet.

Whether or not @ElliottEdie35’s opinion will go down in the social media hall of fame is unclear. But at least he got something out of it. “Even though many women were very angry at me,” he tells Yahoo Beauty, “it is actually uplifting to think that people are happy with their bodies regardless of weight.”

Uh, thanks?

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