Azmin: Don’t believe lies spread about me

Opalyn Mok
PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali waves to the crowd during the gathering with members in Seberang Perai Setember 13, 2018. ― Picture by KE Ooi

SEBERANG PERAI, Sept 14 — PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali slammed quarters who have been spreading lies about him leading up to the party elections.

The economic affairs minister said he was continually attacked and his loyalty to the party questioned by “some quarters”.

“There are bound to be rumours about me, so don’t believe or be influenced by these rumours and lies about me,” he told reporters in a brief press conference here last night.

He brushed off rumours that he was leaving the party as “baseless”.

Earlier, Mohamed Azmin said it is time for the party to move forward and become stronger so that it can continue to govern for many more decades.

“It is time to become more united, to become stronger instead of launching open public attacks and spreading lies against each other within the party,” he said in his speech during a gathering with PKR members in the northern region at SP Arena Seberang Jaya here last night.

He said all members in PKR are like family and should not slander each other during the party elections.

“Sure, there are disagreements, even married couples have disagreements, this doesn’t mean they need to file for divorce, it only means we need to discuss and resolve our disagreements then we move forward as a united party,” he said.

He said PKR is a multiracial party that must celebrate the differences of its members in order to emerge as a strong and united party.

The Gombak MP said the party was entrusted with governing the country by the people, and should work hard to fulfil the people’s hope instead of fighting each other.

Mohamed Azmin said some quarters have questioned his loyalty to the party and president-elect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“Before they questioned my loyalty, they need to look at themselves first, they don’t have their own strength, they had to kiss hands to rely on someone’s power so they should be the ones who should prove their loyalty,” he said.

He said he has been with the party since 1998 when Anwar was arrested and sacked as the deputy prime minister, so the question of his loyalty does not arise at all.

“There was no need for me to go kissing hands to show loyalty. When I was fighting for Reformasi in the streets, where were they? I can list out, they were in Jakarta, Australia and London for two years and it was after that they come back and claim they are fighting for Reformasi,” he said.

He said he does not want this culture of “spreading slander and lies” to continue during party elections.

“I hope that after this party elections, PKR will emerge stronger based on muafakat, we must be strong as we are holding the power to run the country entrusted to us by the rakyat,” he said.

He called on members to vote for a stronger and united party in the coming party elections.

Mohamed Azmin will be facing his sole challenger, Rafizi Ramli, for the number two post in the party.

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