Baby girl’s morning smiles are ‘instant serotonin’ for mom

If you need a serotonin boost today (and let’s be real, we could all use one), this baby girl is a mood.

TikTok mom @hey.delanie recorded what her daughter looked like after a morning nap. One look at the little one’s plump cheeks and cheery attitude is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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“Hi, good morning. Are you awake?” the mom asked.

Swaddled in a blanket in her crib, the baby girl’s eyes were already open. She was wide awake and beaming from ear to ear. Maybe she was happy to see mama, or maybe she knew it was going to be a great day — either way, the tiny baby was ready to get going!

“Instant serotonin every morning,” the mom wrote in the caption.

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The adorable video racked up 6.7 million views on TikTok.

“I could watch this over and over again. She is precious,” a person said.

“What a beautiful baby that smile can light up a room,” another wrote.

“Omg my son does this every morning and it’s just the best thing in the entire world!! Being a mom is the BEST,” a TikToker added.

“She was so happy when she saw you,” someone replied.

“She has to be one of the most loved and responsive babies I’ve ever seen,” a user commented.

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