Bad Facebook romance

by Aizat Sharif
Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA: Who would have thought befriending a single mother on Facebook would turn into a violent and painful experience?

But such was the case for 32-year-old financial analyst Arthur Samuel after befriending a 44-year-old woman on Facebook in December.

"We became friends almost immediately and soon enough, we were communicating with each other via telephone, SMS and email," Arthur said.

"I thought I had found the right woman for me and we were getting close even though we had never met face-to-face."

However, Arthur said in early January, the woman decided not to continue the relationship.

Left wondering, he continued to contact her until he received a warning from her via SMS.

"She said she would send thugs to beat me up if I did not stop harassing her. But I never harassed her."

On Feb 27, Arthur claimed he was assaulted by eight men at USJ Summit and sustained injuries on his lips, forehead, left leg and back.

"Without saying a word, the men just started throwing punches, kicking and hitting me with crash helmets.

"I don't understand it because at the time, I had already stopped calling or communicating with the woman. This is totally absurd," said Arthur.

He lodged a police report at the USJ 8 police station following the incident and hoped police would catch the culprit soon.

Subang Jaya police chief ACP Yahaya Ramli said they were investigating the incident and had yet to identify the culprits.