Badminton: Video ref trial at Superseries Finals

Badminton will trial line-call review technology at next month's Superseries finals, the world body said Friday, bidding to raise excitement and stamp out faulty decisions which have caused rows in the past.

Following similar moves in tennis, cricket, football and rugby, players will have two challenges per match during the December 11-15 season finale in Kuala Lumpur.

The system, using ultra-slow motion cameras, will be set up on the televised show court. Reviews of line-calls, or whether the shuttlecock has dropped in or out, will be judged by the match referee.

"We know players have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of instant reviews and we are pleased to unveil one of the options and to see how it works," Badminton World Federation (BWF) secretary general Thomas Lund said in a statement.

"We have done lots of testing during this year's OSIM BWF World Superseries to finalise how this system works and we are confident it will add to the drama and excitement of the Superseries Finals -- both for players and fans.

"The BWF looks forward to feedback from the players and obviously, if everything goes well, the plan would be to implement instant reviews as soon as possible."

Video reviews were originally slated to be introduced earlier in the season but they were put on hold after some last-minute hitches.

Line-calls are a common flashpoint in badminton, with players sometimes accusing officials of making erroneous or biased decisions.

In one famous incident in 2006, Indonesia's Taufik Hidayat stormed out of a match against China's Lin Dan in Hong Kong after claiming the line-judging was unfair.