'Bahubali Momo': Mumbai Eatery Sells Gold-plated Dumplings Worth Rs 1299

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There is no denying the fact that Indians love to munch on snacks. Spicy, sour, sweet, you name it, and we will have it. However, one snack borrowed from our neighbour, Nepal, has climbed on the top of the list, surpassing our native foods such as “aloo tikki.” People can have momo all day, and this is why experimenting with the recipe is a must to keep the surprise factor intact. If you thought chocolate momo was the epitome of experimenting, just wait.

A video shared by a food blogger on Instagram has gone viral. It features a gigantic momo weighing 2 kilograms. Monikered as ‘Bahubali Momo,’ this humongous snack is not just special because of its size but the condiments accompanying it. And one of the condiments is 24K Gold!

The video of this giant, drool-worthy snack was shared by Disha, who goes by the name ‘Whatafoodiegirl’ on Instagram. Sharing the reel, Disha, in the caption, wrote, “This is the first time in India. This massive Momo is 2kg and is filled with super delicious veggies, mozzarella cheese, and edible 24 karat gold.”

Disha also shared the presentation of the ‘Bahubali Gold Momo,' which has three sauces, a mayo dip, and orange mint mojito, and for dessert, two chocolate Momo, and mentioned that it is an adequate serving for 6-8 people. The giant steamed dumpling comes in a gold-plated circular container that oozes steam when the lid is lifted.

And all this, for just Rs.1299

Watch the reel here:

Since shared, the video has been viewed by more than 10 lakh people, and netizens, especially Momo lovers, are going gaga over this gigantic snack. One user wrote, “Wow! It is really amazing.” Another wrote, “Now there is gold is Momo too.” One wrote, “Crazy but innovative.”

We are definitely craving this yummy gold-covered snack. What about you?

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