Baker shows love for country with Jalur Gemilang cream puffs

Zuliaty Zulkiffli

YAN: Creativity when it comes to expressing the spirit of patriotism goes into full gear in the month of August, as Malaysians prepare to welcome the celebration of Hari Merdeka.

For baker Azrul Nizam Azali, 26, he decided to channel his love for country through food and came up with the Jalur Gemilang cream puff.

"I take about five hours to prepare the Jalur Gemilang cream puff and this includes mixing the dough, baking and arranging it to look like our flag. I can't risk arranging it wrongly as it may spoil the puff," he said.

Operating from Kampung Tengah Sungai Yan, here, Azrul Nizam said he decided to work on the Jalur Gemilang cream puff in a bid to inject uniqueness and informed that the endeavour required 2,200 puffs.

He said last year he made 1,500 cupcakes arranged to look like the Malaysian flag and a giant Merdeka cake which received immense support from his customers.

According to him, among the challenges he faced initially was that the arrangement of the puffs to create the flag did not work out as planned.

The puffs needed to be arranged properly, specifically for the moon and star, as the moon was the nation's symbol for religion.

"However after studying the flag and making a few attempts, Alhamdulillah I got it right.

"I used five kilogrammes of wheat flour and four food colouring; blue, white, read and yellow to make these pastries," he said when met at his home, here, yesterday.

Azrul Nizam said those who wanted to purchase his unique Merdeka cream puffs can do so at RM25 for 60 pieces.

Orders, according to him, were limited until Aug 31.

Apart from the puffs, Azrul Nizam said he was also making a 350g cake bearing a picture of Malaysia's first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra al-Haj to be sold at RM15 a piece.

"I was born after the country achieved its Independence, so by making pastries with a Merdeka theme, it is a way for me to brighten up the celebration and to encourage everyone to appreciate the true meaning of Merdeka.

"Since I opened orders for my cream puffs on Aug 15, may customers including those from other states have placed their orders and I will work hard to fulfill their orders eventhough it means I will only get a few hours of rest a day," he said. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd