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This Target kitchen line has gorgeous pieces that only look expensive — here are a pro baker's picks for $15 or less

Target's first-ever kitchen line Figmint is chock full of affordable finds that'll have you cooking in style.

figmint items: oven mitt, cast iron skillet, cutting board, mandoline
No, the low prices on these kitchen tools are not a Figmint of your imagination. (Target)

If you love to cook but your kitchenware is looking a little crusty, I have some great news for you: Upgrading your tools and utensils doesn't have to break the bank. In case you're not familiar with Figmint, Target's first-ever kitchen line, the collection is brimming with stylish finds at a fraction of the cost of luxury brands. You'll find cookware that's both durable and extremely affordable, as well as smaller cooking essentials for a steal. For instance, their popular 7.5-quart Dutch oven clocks in at a mere $70. Take that, Le Creuset!

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And many items cost far less than that, from a $10 cast iron skillet to a gold baking dish priced at just eight bucks. As someone who used to bake for a living and has used practically every kitchen tool out there, here are the 15 items I'm eyeing from Figmint — and they're all $15 or less.

I love using wooden spoons — they're attractive, and they won't scratch up the bottoms of my pots. This one by Figmint is made of solid wood, has an ergonomically designed handle and you can hang it up via the hole in its handle, if you'd like. At just $5, I might need to buy a few!

One satisfied shopper wrote that it's "not only beautifully crafted with stunning wood grain, but is a deep spoon which is perfect for use all around the kitchen! I can use it for stirring AND serving soup as temperatures begin to drop."

$5 at Target

If seeing the word "mandoline" conjures up images of ER visits, don't panic. This one has a trusty food guide to keep your digits far away from the blade, so you can slice away with confidence. A handy dial lets you adjust the thickness for perfectly uniform slices. 

"This is a great item," gushed a gleeful user. "I appreciate the ability to change the thickness of the slices and also the pronged holder that you can stick into whatever you are slicing (great safety feature). I would 100% buy again."

$15 at Target

This highly affordable mini utensil set has all the basics covered, with a whisk, spatula, jar scraper, basting brush and tongs. The clean wooden design will look chic in just about any kitchen, and they won't take up a ton of room in your drawers. 

"This set of utensils are the perfect size for small jobs," wrote a reviewer. "When cooking for just a few people, I find these tools are just perfect for my grip and portions. They are sturdy and still look and work great after repeated trips through the dishwasher. I love this set for a housewarming gift or bridal shower. They are cute and practical. I use at least one of these tools every day."

$12 at Target

From baking cakes and brownies to lasagnas and casseroles, this nonstick pan does it all. It's made from aluminized steel for superior heat conduction, can withstand temps of up to 450° F and is safe to clean in the dishwasher. 

"This pan was terrific to use," raved a shopper. "My son (12 years old) baked a cake in it. It did not stick at all and cleanup was easy. The cooking residue wiped clean with soap and a sponge. Once it dried, the texture and surface were just like new."

$8 at Target

Flexible, yet sturdy, this aesthetically pleasing spatula belongs in your kitchen if you want to make scraping your mixing bowls an easier task. The stainless steel handle gives it a luxe feel and appearance, and it's dishwasher-safe!

"This is a nice hefty spatula, meaning it has a nice weight to it," explained a home baker. "Not too heavy, but just right. The handle is comfortable and easy to grip. The actual spatula is a nice silicone texture, giving it the flexibility to get in all the nooks and crannies when trying to scoop up all of my batters. I'd highly recommend it, it's cute too!"

$8 at Target

After seeing this Figmint measuring cup, I'm wondering why they don't all come with lids! And this one doesn't have just any lid; it's equipped with pouring and straining notches to make things even more convenient. If you have leftover liquids, you can just store them in this without dirtying up another container. 

"The quality is spot-on and even though this is glass, it is not heavy to lift and pour from," wrote a buyer. "The handle is comfortable and the measurement markings on the sides are clear and easy to utilize. I love that it comes with a snug-fitting lid that has both straining and pouring notches for convenience. Great for use in the microwave to heat or melt items. It is also dishwasher-safe for fast and easy cleanup. Highly recommend!"

$12 at Target

Measuring flour is so much more enjoyable when you've got snazzy gold cups to do it with! Made of stainless steel, this set comes with a metal ring to keep everything together, and since the measurements are etched in, you won't have to worry about them fading over time. 

"These are some wonderful measuring cups," gushed a shopper. "They’re high-quality and are made to last. They’re also stackable and easy to store. I’ve had no problems putting these in the dishwasher. They clean up nice and I’ve enjoyed using them to cook."

$10 at Target

Since this sleek wooden cutting board is reversible, you can use one side for chopping and the other as a charcuterie board. The tapered edges allow for easy lifting off your counter, and the grooved border helps keep any juices contained. 

"This cutting board is light and sturdy," shared a five-star reviewer. "The ridge around the edge helps keep liquid from flowing off of the board and making a mess. Other wooden boards I have used are usually heavy and cumbersome. I was very surprised with how light and sturdy this cutting board feels."

$14 at Target

If you're looking for a baking starter set, you can't do better than this 3-piece mixing bowl, whisk and spatula combo. The bowl has a handy measurement guide inside, and for just $9 on clearance, you won't find a better deal. 

"This is a great set at a fantastic value!" wrote a content customer. "I love the color and the quality of the tools. I bought one as a gift and one for myself. Figment has some great products!"

$9 at Target

I'd bet that if you placed this waffle-knit dish towel next to one from a pricier brand, you wouldn't be able to tell which one cost more. It's made from 100% terry cotton, and its textured feel gives it a little more scrubbing power. Since it comes in five colors and costs just $3, I might have to get one of each. 

"I love the sage green color, the size is great and it’s pretty thick," shared a customer. "Will probably order more!"

$3 at Target

Every home cook needs a durable oven mitt, and this one is as pretty as it is functional. It has a silicone diamond pattern that offers extra heat protection and grip, and comes in four lovely muted colors.  

"I like the clean look of this oven mitt," wrote a fan. "I feel like the style would fit any kitchen and not be dated years from now. It's quite huge and covers well beyond anyone's wrist. But has enough opening that you don't feel restricted. It's also got nice and thick padding so you feel like it can handle the hottest pans coming out of the oven."

$10 at Target

How cute is this mini Figmint cast iron skillet, which can be used for everything from melting butter to frying up an egg or two for breakfast? Its enamel coating makes for easy cleanup, and it can go into the oven at temperatures up to 500° F.

"I love it," raved a shopper. "Everything cooks so well. It's so sturdy. It will be [an] heirloom piece I'll hand down to family members who enjoy cooking as much as I do."

$10 at Target

You'll have easy access to your most reached-for seasonings with these chic cellars on your counter. The sturdy stoneware and wood design makes them look far more expensive than they are — just $5 apiece with this set. 

"These are the cutest little salt and pepper cellars," wrote a reviewer. "The bases are heavy ceramic while the lightweight wooden lids rest on top for easy, mid-cooking use."

$10 at Target

In my opinion, bench scrapers are the most underrated kitchen tools out there, and this one is even more useful, thanks to its measurement markings. Use it to slice butter, portion dough and slide scraps into the trash. 

"This is the best thing ever!" exclaimed a blissful baker. "I made a sourdough loaf and this was ever so handy when I was kneading and stretching the dough. I was able to easily scrape that beautiful dough up and get to it. I also love the measurements on the blade too."

$8 at Target

When it comes to baking, the cooling step is an important one, since letting your treats come down in temperature will help prevent them from over-baking (and drying out) once they've left the oven. This 15.5"x11.5" beauty can hold a good amount of cookies, and it's even oven-safe up to 450° F if you want to use it as a roasting rack. 

According to one reviewer, it's "pretty, very lightweight and easy to clean!"

$6 at Target

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