Balakong by-election: Provide proof, PH candidate tells opponent

Esther Landau

BALAKONG: Pakatan Harapan (PH) Balakong by-election candidate Wong Siew Ki has slammed her opponent for allegedly accusing the party taking down MCA's campaign materials.

"I respect him as a candidate as he is a polite and respectable person.

"This is a baseless allegation. We are competing based on a fair principle.

"I only compete based on what is written in my manifesto. I'm very dissapointed with their accusations," she said during PH's press conference, here, today.

She also said Tan did not provide any evidence to prove his argument on the matter and asked him to provide proof.

Also present at the press conference was PH Balakong by-election director Ean Yong Hian Wah.

Meanwhile, Ean said they would lodge a report with the Election Commission (EC) over the matter, and may lodge a police report if they were still being accused of committing the act.

Asked if the party received any reports of vandalism on their campaign materials, Ean said no.

"MCA should explain why they are pointing their finger at us for doing such things. This is a serious accusation against us and we cannot accept it.

"They did not provide any evidence that DAP has vandalised or put down their campaign materials.

"We will lodge a report with the EC to investigate the matter. We will also come out with a media statement soon once we have lodged a police report," he said.

Meanwhile, on another issue, Wong questioned her opponent whether he understood that it was not the responsibility or work of a candidate to bring up issues like drainage and uprooted tress for the sake of gaining more votes.

She said those issues should be done by the respective municipal council or local government.

"I wonder if he understands that solving these issues are not to be done by a candidate or assemblyman but the relevant authorities?

"He once again claimed that I never put priority on such issues and neglect such responsibilities.

"But, those jobs are supposed to be carried out by the municipal council, not by him," she said, hoping that her opponent would understand the concept and not to confuse the people with irrelevant questions. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd