Baling python not 10 metres long, but still drawing a crowd

Safuri Kamarudin

BALING: A 100 kilogramme python caught at Kampung Kaki Bukit, Batu Tujuh, here, yesterday is not 10 metres long as previously reported.

The earlier measurement could potentially make it the world's longest snake in captivity, beating record holder 'Medusa' in Kansas City.

However, following an updated measurement, the snake measures seven metres in length.

The Civil Defence Force (APM) said yesterday the snake measured 10 metres, however its Baling officer Mohd Faizol Ab Aziz clarified today that after taking new measurements this morning, the snake was not 10 metres long.

While it may not beat 'Medusa', the python is still proving to be an attraction of sorts for folks in Baling.

The python was discovered by a villager by the roadside at 3am after which it was captured by APM officers.

Teacher Iszaiesham Ismail, 33, did not want to miss out on catching a glimpse of the reptile as he brought his family to the Baling APM to see the snake for themselves.

Many others like him were also present to see the large reptile.

"To my untrained eye, the snake does look long and this is the first time I am seeing a snake larger than the ones previously captured," he said.

Baling district officer Datuk Md Shuhaime Abdul Rahman meanwhile hoped the animal would be temporarily kept under the care of APM.

He said he would discuss with relevant authorities on the setting up of a zoo to keep captured reptiles.

"I propose for a zoo to be set up at the Ulu Legong Hot Springs area," he said. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd