Bali's unique dining experiences

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Bali's unique dining experiences

The plethora of restaurants that dot Bali’s landscape feature a host of features, such as stunning beach-side, cliff-side, rice field or garden views, open kitchens and seafood aquarium, to compliment their unique dishes on offer.

Of course these are all charming, but if it is something out of the ordinary you are looking for, take a look at our choices for Bali’s unusual dining experiences.


Tsavo Lion, Bali Safari & Marine Park

You will need some courage to gulp down your meal under the glaring eyes of the kings of the jungle who lurk right outside the Tsavo Lion Restaurant.

The restaurant, which offers international fine dining, is nestled inside the Bali Safari & Marine Park. Located adjacent to the lion exhibit, the grumbling roars certainly make any meal here a memorable one.


Resto Apung, Kintamani

The dining areas of Resto Apung Kintamani are made of floating decks that rest on a majestic lake 1,500 meters high above sea level on Mount Batur.

The lake is certainly the establishment’s best asset, since no nearby lakes are blessed with the same feature.

Resto Apung’s specialty is Nile tilapia, priced at Rp 70,000 (US$7.28). Each order usually consists of 3-5 fish taken fresh from the water and on the visitors’ order.


Bali Tower Restaurant, Gilimanuk

Ubud is home to many fine restaurants with lush surroundings while many establishments in Uluwatu, have fantastic views overlooking the seaside cliffs.

But Bali Tower Restaurant rises – literally – above all those places by serving meals 30 meters above the ground. At that altitude, the top floor of the five-story structure stands above the tree line of West Bali National Park, for a great bird’s eye view of the area.

Bali Tower Restaurant is part of the Menjangan Resort built within the area of West Bali National Park.


Charter-a-chef, Westin Resort Nusa Dua

If, in the traveling game, the ultimate splurge is chartering yourself a private jet, then the gastronomical equivalent would likely be to have a top-level chef prepare a special meal for you and your partner with a personal butler to complete the package.

Westin Resort Nusa Dua makes this dream a reality. You can enjoy your private dinner at any suitable place in the resort’s vicinity – be it on the balcony of your room or even on the beach – for a dinner that is sure to impress.


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