Baloch, Sindhi activists protest against Pak foreign minister’s visit to UK

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London, UK (ANI) September 27, 2021: Sindhi Baloch Forum - UK staged a protest demonstration outside 10 Downing Street during the visit of Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Qureshi on Sunday arrived in London on a three-day official visit to the United Kingdom. Huge number of Sindhi and Baloch protesters chanted slogans against Pakistan’s war crimes in Balochistan and Sindh. They demanded that the UK must stop funding to Pakistan, which is run by a brutal regime killing its dissidents and suppressing its minorities. The protesters raised slogans about an enforced disappearances campaign run by the Pakistani intelligence agencies, which kidnaps journalists, political activists and anyone who dares to question them. They call it a sectarian genocide regime, which is destroying the lives of Baloch, Hazaras, Hindus, Sikhs and Ahmadiya minorities and have virtually made them refugees in their own land. The leaders of this protest intend to formally complain to the British government and its parliamentarian about their silence in the duplicitous role of Pakistan in Afghanistan, which is unfolding into a humanitarian crisis. These widespread protests against the visiting foreign minister are unprecedented by all accounts as London had never witnessed such protests at this scale, by Pakistani diaspora against the country's visiting delegation. Representative of Sindhi Baloch Forum also submitted a petition urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stop supporting Pakistani state and put an end to the genocide of Baloch and Sindhi people.

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