Barbie Hsu suffers miscarriage

Lester Gan Wai Lun
Barbie Hsu suffers miscarriage

1 Aug – Several reports have recently revealed that Barbie Hsu has had a miscarriage. The news is greatly affecting her relationship with her husband, Wang XiaoFei, according to a report on Jpop Asia website

A few days ago, onlookers at the airport said that there were obvious tensions between both of them as they got back from their "second honeymoon" in Europe. They were seen walking apart from each other.

After crossing the customs checkpoint, Barbie and Xiaofei exited the airport one after the other, with zero interaction between them.

When they arrived at the carpark, Xiaofei and Barbie boarded their own side of the car and left for home.

It appears that they have been arguing about conceiving and blaming one another for the miscarriage. Both their families refused to comment when contacted by the media.