Battle Ground Game Lures 12-year-old from Assam to Empty Rs 19 Lakh from Mother’s Account

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It was through a new iPhone at the hands of his 12-year-old boy that Gogoi (name changed), from Assam, could find out what his son was into. However, a further investigation into the source of the new phone gave the father the shock of life. In one month his studious son has used up Rs 19 lakh from his wife’s account without the knowledge of the parent.

“Day before yesterday I found a new iPhone with my son. He is 12 years old and studies in standard 6. Under no circumstance, he could have an iPhone so I called him and enquired. He said that he had found it. My son hardly goes out of the house as he has medical issues. For the first time in my life, I caned him to find out what actually transpired. He then said that one Nipuraj Gogoi gave him the new phone at the gates. I called Nipuraj and his parents’ home to settle things once and for all. I kept on beating my son, neither he nor Nipu owned up anything substantial.”

Gogoi’s elder son who lives in Numaligarh then called him up and asked to check his account which he instantly did. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when the account in which had over Rs 19 lakh showed zero balance. I straightway went to the police station and lodged an FIR. They called up my son Nipu and two more boys who shall be around 16 years old. They were all online acquaintances and partners of the Batte Ground,” says the father.

A private worker at an oil rig in Sibsagar of Assam, Gogoi had around Rs 23 lakh in his account which he says also includes the amount he got from selling a piece of property. According to him, the money was for bad times and the education of his son.

“I work in a private firm, I too deposit money in the same account for which I pay all the needful taxes. My son is good at studies and comes first in the class. In these online classes, he uses his mother’s phone and plays games in his leisure time. I never had an inkling of these games. Now I know that you don’t need OTP at times to credit from the account.”

He said that his son’s friend Nipuraj used to teach him techniques to play and to delete messages immediately.

“I didn’t get any transaction details of the account on the phone as he used to delete them tactfully. Nipuraj Gogoi who is in his twenties owns a bike worth Rs 2.7 lakh while his father runs a roadside kiosk. Where does he get the money for this lavishness? I believe it’s my money which he used and gifted two more high-end mobiles to the other two boys,” laments Gogoi.

According to the police sources, amounts have been credited from his wife’s ICICI account on August 4. The money was used to buy arms and ammunition in the online game. In one such transaction, one pistol was bought for Rs 4 lakh.

Police sources claim that the money was also used to purchase two mobile phones worth Rs 47,000 and Rs 43,000 each. Police, meanwhile, have confiscated these mobile phones. Accused Nipuraj Gogoi has been sent to judicial custody. The minors have been handed over to their parents and their birth certificates have been sought.

“I don’t say my son is innocent but I am sure I did not have much idea as to what he was into. Nipuraj lured him into it. I am equally guilty too, I must have been more observant. These pandemic-related online classes are taking a toll on the behavioural pattern of the students. My son is under immense trauma now. He has begged pardon and has sworn that he would never venture close to such engagements. I know that I will not get my money back, but I could save my son. I will go ahead with the case so that I can save many others” says the father.

Some time ago, after the ban of PUBG in India, there was a lot of displeasure on social media by the youth. Due to having more users, PUBG Corporation, KRAFTON, had to accept some conditions of the government to launch this game in India.

After the ban, the game’s policies have been greatly improved by the PUBG Corporation. Now BGMI i.e. Battle Ground Mobile India has been launched separately for PUBG game users in India only, whose pre-registration was started on May 18.

Some of its features could not be released when BGMI was released. You may need some separate software to play BGMI games on iOS.

Not many days back, a PUBG player in Punjab reportedly lost Rs 16 lakh from parents’ bank accounts, made to work at a scooter repair shop. The Punjab boy would tell his parents he is studying online on his father’s phone but instead would play PUBG Mobile for hours. The whopping sum of money was spent on buying in-app items, including artillery, passes for tournaments, and virtual ammunition over a month’s duration.

The parents have claimed the huge amount was set aside as savings for the teenager’s father’s medical expenses. When making online transactions, bank account details and card details are mostly saved on the smartphone for later use by parents. The boy knew that his father’s bank account is linked to the smartphone, which he used excessively over a month to buy various PUBG mobile items.

In another shocking incident, a 12-year-old child purchased Rs 3.2 lakh ‘weapons’ online in Chhattisgarh’s Kanker district. Initial inquiries revealed that the boy made 278 transactions between March 8 and June 10. As per the complaint filed by the boy’s mother, all the transactions went unnoticed because she did not get any OTP for the transactions done by her son.

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