Bauxite mining moratorium likely to be extended, says Pahang MB


KUANTAN: Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob today has hinted that the moratorium on bauxite mining in the state will likely be extended for another three months.

He said the existing moratorium, until March 15, may be further extended to June 15 after taking into consideration the environmental threat posed by unlicensed bauxite


Media reports had quoted villagers and residents of Felda Bukit Kuantan and Beserah here claiming that illicit bauxite mining is still rampant in the two areas.

If true, the mining activities had contravened the moratorium which had been in force since Jan 15 last year. The moratorium had been extended several times since then.

"If we continue with the moratorium, genuine (legal) miners like the subsidiary (YP Mining Sdn Bhd) of Yayasan Pahang, will be adversely affected.

"But, if we allow (the moratorium to lapse) I am worried we can lose control like before. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will have his field day where they simply dig out (the

bauxite) (and) bring to the port, without considering the effect on the public.

"Dirty lorries (laden with bauxite) will dirty everything (roads and surrounding areas)," he said after attending a gathering of retired teachers at Rumah Tamu Sri Gelora

here this afternoon.

When asked on how long could the moratorium could be extended, Adnan said that the government would decide on the matter by June.

"Before we make a final decision, the state government has to sit down and consider properly what needs to be done." he said.