Beachgoers Rescued at San Diego Beach Day After Tsunami Waves

Lifeguards rescued two people at Pacific Beach in San Diego, California, on Sunday, January 16.

Video shot by local man Shawn White captured the rescue. Two people can be seen in the water, with one person waving. Lifeguard vehicles attend the scene promptly and a lifeguard swims out to the struggling beachgoers.

White told Storyful he was riding along the beach’s boardwalk when he heard sirens.

“I saw two people in the water waving their arms in a dangerous rip tide,” he told Storyful. “Thanks to the SD Lifeguards [for] saving them. Real heroes right there!”

The rescue came a day after San Diego was hit by Tsunami waves triggered by the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano. The National Tsunami Warning Center cancelled its tsunami advisory for San Diego on Saturday evening. Credit: Shawn White via Storyful