[Beauty TIPS] Shortcut to Baby Face: Home Care

[by Seo Hye Min] Women wish to look even just a year younger than their actual age.

When celebrities with baby face appear on screen, the desire increases higher. For somehow, actresses seem to have younger looking faces year by year and look flawless regardless of situations. As a result, some people go for botox, laser or filler treatment, but these are easy to be addicted afterwards.

Yoon Seung Ah, Choi Kang Hee, Ku Hye Sun and Kim Yoon Ah are commonly acknowledged baby face stars. When they appear on TV, it is difficult to guess their age, but most women wish to know how these celebrities treat their skin.

Some are born with baby face, but most people earn it by diligent care. Even celebrities agreed to this fact many times on TV. The reason these stars do extra care on skin is because they know that losing elasticity is equal to losing baby face. 

It would be nice for everyone if they could get extravagant skin care like celebrities. Nevertheless, it is unaffordable for most people so ‘home care’ has been presented to us. Home care is economically burdenless and is very easy to be practiced during any time.

The first thing to do at home is removing dead cells twice a week with a skin peeling product. Egg White Gomage Peeling Mask can be used right after cleansing so it reduces hassle of wiping face with a towel before peeling. This specially made product remove dead cells very softly and protects rough skin by providing nutrition of oatmeal extract ingredients.

Normally, skin loses moisture after peeling so provision of enough moisture is extremely careful.  My Beauty Diary’s Black Pearl Mask Pack contains pearl ingredients that prevent freckles, pimples or skin aging, so it is a \'must-have\' item for creating baby facial skin. (photo by My Beauty Diary)

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