How to Become an Actor, and How Can We Find Out if We Are Talented in Acting? Some Parts of, A Famous Iranian Actor, Pejvak Imani’s Talk on Tips of Acting

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In the first place, we should say that as the question is general and pervasive, it is not easy to answer it and be patient to conclude. The path of the dream of being an actor initially crosses through you. The more you know yourself and your talents, the quicker process you will pass. So, first, let’s see whether we have the required skills or not!

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The first step toward becoming an actor is education and learning the concepts of the art of acting which can be in the forms of being educated solely or in a team, and it is somehow effective in finding your talents because learning speed has a direct relation with talents and skillfulness. So merely participation in acting courses is a good criterion to measure and test your abilities and interest in acting or generally speaking cinema and theater.
But before anything, understanding the definition of acting is necessary to lead you to the answers to our question: how to become an actor? Defining acting is the first step to enter the field. Acting is all the actions and behaviors that one person expresses to describe a story and characters. Accordingly, an actor must fully understand the story structures, drama, and character’s psychology, and the deeper you get familiar with these concepts, It improves the believability and the quality of your work.

Pejvak Imani’s short biography
Pejvak Imani, born on the 25th of June in 1990 in Tehran city. He was the only child in the family. When he finished primary school, he immigrated to Canada with his family. He pursued higher education in MBA at Ryerson University and then started participating in acting and stand-up classes at the YUK YUK's club. Gaining two years of experience in those classes encourages him to start playing stand-ups and free theater in Toronto. After getting experience in the theater, he returned to Iran and started learning under the supervision of great masters of Iranian directors such as Vahid Jalilvand. Then in 2016, he played a small role in a TV series and after playing several minor and major roles he appeared on the silver screen of the cinema.
He has a famous quote: “Histrionics means becoming, once you start playing you fail.”

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