Beijing assures 'Ukraine peace plan' allegedly backed by 20+ countries, Ukraine's MFA reacts

Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping

The only fair basis for ending the war in Ukraine is President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's peace formula, because it is Ukraine, which is suffering from Russian aggression, must determine what peace should be, the Ukraine's Foreign Ministry wrote on its site.

This statement came after China's assurances its joint Peace Plan, developed with Brazil, was allegedly supported by 26 countries.

"China declares respect for the countries' sovereignty and territorial integrity, thus, China's high representative taking part in the peace summit in Switzerland could make a practical contribution to the end of the war in Ukraine," the Ministry said.

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"This could be an important signal of China's balanced position amid it having already held four summits at the level of leaders with Russia."

"All countries that want to restore peace should work to hold a meeting in Switzerland, 'and not make efforts to undermine the summit'," the Ministry said.

"China-Brazil peace plan"

Brazil and China are calling for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine with the participation of both countries, as such a step "is the only way to resolve the Ukrainian crisis," Reuters reported on May 24. The corresponding statement was signed by Celso Amorim, a special adviser to the President of Brazil, and Wang Yi, the China's Foreign Minister.

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Brazil and China require all sides to adhere to three principles of conflict de-escalation: not to expand the battlefield, not to intensify hostilities, and avoid provocations.

The countries also emphasize the inadmissibility of mass destruction weapons use, including nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in the statement, and draw attention to the need to prevent nuclear proliferation and avoid a nuclear crisis.

"Ukraine and Russia allegedly 'confirmed most of the content' of 'Global South Peace Plan' principles," Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated on June 4. A total of 26 countries supported Beijing's "peace plan", he said.

Brazilian and Chinese leaders will not participate in the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland, which will be held on June 15-16.

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