Bela Padilla details how she uses donations to help the needy

Heidi Hsia

3 Apr – Bela Padilla recently took to social media to give her reports on the donation received for her fund-raiser project to help the poor in Metro Manila.

On 1 April, the actress posted the breakdown of the donations on Instagram, writing, "PSA for the MIA. I won't reply to anybody about this anymore after this post. There are more people who need help, and I will focus my energy only to them or myself."

She revealed that the donations from gogetfunding were P1.37 million, with the previously announced P2 million from the one particular donor yet to arrive.

"But the food I bought for the two days of donations was worth around P2.5m. Also, the 1.3m hasn't been released by PayPal yet. So right now, it's all my money that went out," she wrote.

The list of donations are as follows:

1. P1 million worth of canned goods and rice went to Caritas Manila.

2. P1 million worth of groceries and other goods divided into two groups - the first to PWDs of Quezon City, the second to the streets and to Pasay, Manila, and Makati.

3. P500,000 was used to buy rice and more canned goods that were sent again to Caritas Manila.

Padilla launched her fundraiser in the first week of the Metro Manila community quarantine, after expressing her concern over the street vendors and the poor living in the area.

(Photo Source: Bela Padilla Instagram)