Ben Shephard pays tribute to Tipping Point contestant who has died

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Ben Shephard is the host of Tipping Point. (ITV)
Ben Shephard is the host of Tipping Point. (ITV)

Ben Shephard has paid tribute to a former Tipping Point contestant who has died.

Cath made her appearance on the quiz show on 4 April with Shephard revealing afterwards that the former school bus driver had since passed away.

Shephard shared a photo of the two of them on Twitter and wrote: "Today's Tipping Point is a poignant one… since recording the show, lovely contestant Cath, pictured backstage here, has passed away.

"Our thoughts and love are with her family and friends."

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Cath's granddaughter Kadie wrote in response: "Thank you for your kind words for my nan, she was so excited that she got to meet you."

The official Tipping Point Twitter account also shared a tribute to the contestant: "After the recording of today's programme, we spoke with Cath’s family who shared the sad news of Cath's passing. Everyone at Tipping Point would like to extend their sincerest sympathies."

Various other viewers also responded to the news by sharing tributes to Cath.

Ben Shephard paid tribute to Tipping Point contestant Cath (ITV)
Ben Shephard paid tribute to Tipping Point contestant Cath. (ITV)

One wrote: "Aw so sad to hear Ben, I’ve just been watching the ep thoughts and prayers are with all her family and friends thank you for sharing, my daughter was on your show (Dawn who frightened the life out of you) she said what a lovely caring person you are and you’ve just shown it."

Another said: "That is so sad, my thoughts and prayers are with her family at this awful time. May she rest in peace."

Shephard was also praised by many on social media for his tribute to Cath. One fan wrote: "You're such a beautiful caring angel Ben, one of the many reasons you're my hero, I love you man, how truly nice you are."

Tipping Point originally started airing on ITV in 2012 and features contestants competing against each other answering questions while playing a coin-pushing arcade machine for a chance to win a cash jackpot.

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