To Honour Health Worker Mother, Son Gives Ambulance to Bengal District Hospital

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A father-son duo from Birbhum, West Bengal, has donated an ambulance to the Suri Super Specialty Hospital. The second wave of Covid-19 threw our lives into disarray. During the lockdown period, the entire human race survived based on the services of frontline workers such as doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and other essential service providers. These people worked day and night, risking their lives and sometimes falling prey to the virus themselves. Despite being faced with enormous risks, they did not shy away from their duty. One of those brave souls was Purabi Bandyopadhyay, a health worker from Dubrajpur, Birbhum.

In the course of providing services, she contracted Covid-19 and had to be admitted to the Rampurhat Medical College. After a prolonged battle with the virus, she passed away on May 4 this year. Before her death, she expressed one last wish to her son and husband: Her pension money should be used to buy an ambulance and be handed to the Suri Super Specialty Hospital. The ambulance was inaugurated by District Governor Bidhan Roy. The late Ms Bandopadhyay’s wish was that no patient should die from being made to wait for an ambulance in a critical state.

Son Aritrik Banerjee said, “My mother always wanted to do something for people. To honour the last wish of my mother, we handed over an air-conditioned ambulance to the hospital authorities so that no patient dies owing to lack of timely transfer to the hospital.”

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