Bengaluru: Hindu Man Thrashed By Muslim Mob For Giving Lift To Muslim Lady Colleague

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A Hindu man who was dropping his Muslim woman colleague home on his two-wheeler was stopped and assaulted by a group of Muslim men in Bengaluru.

A video of the incident has been making round on social media, where two men can be heard questioning as to why the woman was travelling with a man from a different faith. The men in the mob were also seen threatening the Hindu man and asked not to ride with a Mulsim woman again.

The men forced the woman to share her family members’ numbers and called them to abuse them. They even forced the woman to get off and take an auto rickshaw home.

The incident took place on Friday evening near the Dairy circle when the mob stopped their bike and started questioning them.

As soon as the Hindu man revealed his identity, the Muslim man started slapped him repeatedly. He said, “If I see you roaming around with Muslim women, I will f**k you.” He then tell the women, “Are you not ashamed of riding with a Hindu man? Don’t you know what kind of situation it is these days? We are requesting you all not to go out with these motherf**ers, but you still are riding with him sitting like this on the bike. We are not concerned about you. We are concerned about the burqa. What will people say after seeing a woman in burqa riding like this?”

As per the police statement, the woman and the man are colleagues at a bank and he was dropping her home as it was late on Friday evening.

Karanataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai informed that two accused persons have been arrested in the case.

He tweeted: “In connection with the case of assault on a bike rider travelling along with a woman of different faith, @BlrCityPolice has acted swiftly, identified & secured 2 accused persons. A case is registered & legal action is initiated. My Govt. deals with such incidents with an iron hand.”

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