Bermuda Pants, Shorts Banned; Vadodara Pension Payment Office Issues Dress Code for Visitors

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Vadodara, September 11: Pension Payment Office at Kuber Bhavan in Vadodara has issued a dress code for pensioners and visitors. A notice has been hung on the entry gate that states visitors wearing bermuda pants or half pants are not allowed. An employee of the state government office said that elderly person working there were not liking people coming wearing bermuda pants or shorts. Aligarh: Dress Code Issued for Government Employees, Jeans Pants and T-Shirts Banned in Offices.

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"Atreni kacheri ni mulakat leta sarvey pensionaro tatha mulakatiyo ne janavanu ke kacheri ni mulakat wakhate barmudo ke half pant peheri kacheri ma pravesh karvo nahi (Pensioners and visitors are hereby informed that they shouldn’t enter the office wearing bermuda or half pants)," reads the notice in Gujarati language. Speaking to Times of India, Tushar Teredesai, an IT professional, said that an employee had objected when he visited the office in shorts. Maharashtra Government Issues Dress Code For Employees, Bans T-Shirts and Jeans in Office.

"I was out for some work when my father, a former employee of MS University, called me and said that there were some issues with his monthly pension. I went to the pension office in Kuber Bhavan to inquire about it," Teredesai said. According to him, one of the employees at the office told him that wearing shorts and "inappropriate" dressing was not allowed. He had to leave the office without resolving his father's pension issues.

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"What’s so indecent about wearing shorts? And if some visitor or pensioner walks in wearing shorts, won’t his issues be addressed in the government office?" an irked Teredesai asked. "The younger generation won’t mind it but there are elderly persons working in the office and they won’t like people walking in wearing shorts," an employee of the office was quoted as saying.

"The visitors or pensioners come to this office for some work. They shouldn’t be dressed up as if they are going for a picnic," he added. It remained unclear if any employee had complained about visitors wearing shorts or bermuda.

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