Bernard Pollard does it again to Patriots, delivers crushing hit that leads to Ridley injury and Ravens fumble recovery (VIDEO)

Bernard Pollard's history against the Patriots is weird.

He was the one who hit Tom Brady low, tearing the Patriots quarterback's ACL in the 2008 season-opener when Pollard was with the Chiefs. Pollard's tackle on Wes Welker at the end of the 2009 season resulted in a torn ACL for Welker. And when Rob Gronkowski suffered a high ankle sprain last season that affected him in the Super Bowl, it was Pollard who delivered the tackle.

Pollard, a safety with the Ravens now, took out another Patriot on Sunday and it was a huge momentum swing in the AFC championship game.

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Stevan Ridley was running up the middle in the fourth quarter, and was hit by Pollard, an unavoidable helmet-to-helmet hit on a running back by a safety. Ridley's body went limp as the force spun him around, and caused a fumble. There was an uncomfortable few moments when players wrestled for the ball under the pile while the Patriots' medical staff checked out Ridley. The Ravens recovered the fumble. Ridley went back to the locker room under his own power. The Patriots announced he wouldn't return because of a head injury.

The Ravens led 21-13 at the time, and turned the fumble recovery into a second Anquan Boldin touchdown and a 28-13 lead in the fourth quarter.

Pollard's crazy history taking out Patriots can't be chalked up to anything other than goofy coincidence, but it won't stop New England fans from cursing him anyway.

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