My Best Buy memberships explained: Plus and Total price, rewards, and more

 Best Buy.
Best Buy.

In an effort to compete with the likes of Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus, popular electronics retailer Best Buy has debuted a new membership program: My Best Buy. With multiple tiers and a range of tempting benefits that include free shipping,   protection plans, and exclusive deals, it's a service designed to offer something valuable to every type of customer.

If you're interested in learning more about My Best Buy, we're here to help with a full overview of everything you need to know about the service. This includes both the price of and rewards from each membership tier, as well as information that folks who were subscribed to Best Buy Totaltech need to know.

My Best Buy membership tiers explained

My Best Buy
My Best Buy

My Best Buy Memberships

My Best Buy — Free

My Best Buy Plus — $49.99/year

My Best Buy Total — $179.99/year

In total, there are three distinct My Best Buy tiers available, with each one offering a set of valuable perks. As you'd expect, the cost of the tier you choose determines how many rewards you get; you shouldn't expect much from the free tier, but the most expensive one comes with a long list of benefits.

In the table below, you'll find a quick rundown of each membership tier that includes their prices and the rewards you'll get from each. Below that, we've listed some additional details and explanations.

The simplest tier of My Best Buy is, well, My Best Buy. It's completely free, which means that anyone can sign up for it just by making an account. With this tier, you'll get free standard shipping on everything you get from Best Buy — no minimum purchase required. There are no other rewards, but for a tier that doesn't cost anything, we wouldn't expect anything else to be offered anyway.

Then there's My Best Buy Plus, which will set you back $49.99 annually. This tier gives you free 2-day shipping on eligible purchases, as well as exclusive access to special events, discounts, and products. You'll also get an extended 60-day return window on most items you can buy from the retailer as well. This is arguably the tier that gives you the most bang for your buck, making it the one we expect most will pick if they decide to buy a membership.

Finally, there's My Best Buy Total, which is the most premium of the tiers. It's quite expensive at $179.99/year, but in addition to everything you get with My Best Buy Plus, it also gives you access to protection plans on the products you buy (including AppleCare+), 24/7 tech support, VIP member support, and a guaranteed 20% off on any repairs you have done at Best Buy.

Once you've decided which tier is the right fit for you, head over to the My Best Buy memberships page to sign up.

My Best Buy exclusive deals

Best Buy
Best Buy

While all of My Best Buy's perks are great, the one that most customers will undoubtedly be drawn to the program by is the promise of exclusive deals and prices. Notably, compared to other members-only sales events like Amazon Prime Day, there are My Best Buy discounts available year-round.

If you'd like to check these out, make sure you look through the My Best Buy exclusive deals page. There are several quality discounts available right now, and there are sure to be tons more when Black Friday and other sales events roll around.

What about Best Buy Totaltech?

Before My Best Buy, there was Best Buy Totaltech. It, like My Best Buy Total does now, gave its members access to a wide variety of tech support-related perks, extended return windows, member-exclusive prices, free shipping, and other benefits.

If you were previously subscribed to Best Buy Totaltech when the retailer restructured its membership program into My Best Buy earlier this year, your account should have automatically switched over to My Best Buy Total (Best Buy sent an email about this, so check for one). If your membership didn't carry over, make sure to contact Best Buy about the issue.