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Neha Gupta

The FinTech sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, especially thanks to cryptocurrencies, one of the most lucrative industries. Digital currencies have become a large part of the industry and have generated a lot of hype especially over the past two years. People are thus interested in finding out more about it, and so there is a demand for FinTech-related content that is structured in a way that people will easily understand.

The problem with searching for information online is that it is often not well curated and there is also a lot of misleading information out there. If you’re interested in learning and keeping up with cryptocurrencies, then you might want to consider listening to FinTech podcasts. They contain well-researched and up-to-date information. Below are some of the podcasts for those interested in the cryptocurrency market.

London FinTech podcast

This FinTech podcast was launched in 2014, and its host, Mike Baliman’s mission, is to educate and entertain his audience on matters related to the subject. The podcast has more than 400,000 downloads. It is one of the most successful FinTech podcasts in Europe, and this allows it to occasionally feature guests from financial institutions and startups in the UK. The London FinTech podcast focuses on a variety of areas including cryptocurrency, remittance, alternative finance, and peer-to-peer marketplace among others.


This is a cryptocurrency podcast whose host Matthew Aaron holds talks with influencers in the digital currency industry. The primary goal of this podcast is to provide its audience with knowledge on how to manoeuver the ICO and cryptocurrency market among other industry-related topics.

The Crypto Street Podcast

The Crypto Street podcast is another cryptocurrency-related podcast that focuses on offering vital information about the market. Twitter influencers  @13Prince31, @CryptoDale and @K1llerWh4le run the podcast. Their shows usually feature industry influencers and entrepreneurs, and their topics revolve around perspectives and current issues in the digital currency market.

Let’s Talk Blockchain!

This podcast, just as the name suggests is about digital currencies. It covers Bitcoin and its underlying technology, blockchain. It focuses on industry insights and the latest news regarding blockchain and Bitcoin. It is, therefore, an ideal podcast for anyone interested in investing in the cryptocurrency or the technology that makes it all possible.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

The Bad Crypto is a cryptocurrency podcast hosted by Travis Wright and Joel Comm. The two hold interviews with some of the key influencers in the cryptocurrency market so that they can offer credible insights to their audiences. The podcast focuses on making sure that it educates its audience on matters related to cryptocurrencies.

Around The Coin

This is a pro-cryptocurrency podcast that is hosted by Faisal Khan, Brian Roemmele and Mike Townsend, aiming to spread the cryptocurrency gospel. Their goal is to provide a different view on how entrepreneurs can grow their business, especially in the payment industry.

Breaking Banks

This is a global podcast that also happens to be one of the biggest podcasts that focus on disruption in the fast-growing FinTech industry and the financial services sector. The podcast is available in 72 countries and has over 500,000 listeners. It also helps that it is available on multiple platforms including Soundcloud, Stitcher, and iTunes.

The Blockchain and Us

This is a podcast launched and operated by Manuel Stagars. It has a unique approach that revolves around interviews and talks with individuals who narrate their personal stories about their experiences in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Stagars’ aim is to inspire his audience to express their unique views about the market.

Payment and Banking

This is a German FinTech podcast that is hosted by André M. Bajorat and Jochen Siegert. It mainly focuses on payments and banking as well as new technologies in FinTech, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, its audience is limited because it is only in the German language.


The podcast has three hosts, Meher Roy, Sebastien Couture, and Brian Fabian Crain. It has weekly episodes and also hosts interviews with key industry figures to discuss ideas that influence growth in the blockchain industry.

BankNXT Fintech Podcast

This FinTech podcast focuses on offering expert opinions and knowledge about the industry. It offers knowledge to individuals working in the FinTech sector.

Unchained: Big Ideas From the Worlds of Blockchain & Fintech

Just as its lengthy name suggests, the podcast is dedicated to delivering insights to industry players in the government, healthcare, and financial services on how to leverage blockchain technology to come up with new opportunities. Laura Shin who hosts the podcast has the goal of spreading the blockchain gospel.

Wharton FinTech

This is yet another podcast that has managed to attract a significant audience since its launch. It deals with ideas, topics, and trends that are changing the global financial services landscape. It is also unique in the sense that it is the only podcast that is run by students. Its hosts include students and investors that have an interest in financial technology. The goal of the podcast is to connect students and industry professionals with FinTech enterprises.

The Third Web

Many FinTech podcasts prefer holding interviews with key figures in the industry to get direct content from the experts, and that is the case with The Third Web. Travis Wright and Joel Comm host this show.

Why cryptocurrency is becoming a major focus in FinTech

Cryptocurrencies have continued to become a big part of the FinTech industry and with good reason. Blockchain technology facilitates the existence and use of digital currencies by eliminating the double spend problem. Many analysts believe that digital currencies will likely become the future of the financial industry. Digital currency also has some notable improvements over fiat currency such as the ease of transfer of value and the freedom from control by central banks. However, there are some disadvantages such as crypto theft and the current low adoption. Some of these challenges will take time before cryptocurrencies are globally adopted.

(By Neha Gupta)

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