The Best Food Gifts You Can Send to Someone Right This Minute (PureWow)

The best kind of mail? A surprise package filled with snacks. Whether it’s a birthday cake for your sister, a gourmet popcorn tin for a cinephile coworker or a bottle of bubbly for your best friend, leaving something delicious on someone’s doorstep gives us all the warm and fuzzies. And you so don’t need a special occasion—here are the best food gifts to order right this minute.

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1. Milk Bar’s The Sweet Spot

Make any day feel like your birthday. The variety pack comes with a dozen B’Day Truffles, six creative cookies (we’re talking blueberry cream and cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow) and one famous Milk Bar Pie. We’re pretty darn sure just about everyone would be happy to get this in the mail, but it’s especially fabulous for birthdays or a celebration you won’t be able to attend in person.

Buy it ($90)

2. Mouth’s All the Snacks Gift Box

A prime present for the serious snackers in your life, whether it’s your popcorn-obsessed partner or that one friend who always has a treasure trove of munchies in her purse. It includes a whopping 16 snacks, ranging from cracked pepper turkey jerky to vegan raspberry gummy fish to habanero-cayenne pistachios.

Buy it ($151.50)

3. Murray’s The French Connection

Picnic, anyone? Roll out the gingham blanket and hit the grass with this très chic spread. It includes four French cheeses—Comte Saint Antoine, Petit Prefere de nos Montagnes, Roquefort and Bucheron—plus tart black cherry confit, French cured ham and Sicilian Castelvetrano olives. It’s ideal for any aspiring cheese monger, but also for anyone who’s ready to graduate from cheddar and gouda. Bring a bottle of sauv blanc and voilà.

Buy it ($130)

4. Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Subscription Box

You know that one friend who loves playing mixologist every time you come over? They’ll be thanking you big time. It’s the most reviewed cocktail subscription box on Cratejoy and makes hosting a breeze. Each box stars a different liquor and includes everything you need to make 12 drinks from three unique recipes.

Buy it ($50/month)

5. Candy Club Gift Box

Candy fanatics often belong to one of two camps: all about sweet or all about sour. This brand caters to both teams with rotating gift boxes (choose Mostly Sweets or Mostly Sours) packed with six signature candies each. Think everything from Gummi Unicorns to Sour Pink Cadillacs to stackable cupcake gummies. If you’re the one with a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, you may want to sign up for a tailor-made subscription box.

Buy it (Starting at $29.99/month)

6. Snap Kitchen

So many of us want to eat healthier but don’t have the time to cook fancy dinners every day. Enter Snap Kitchen, a meal delivery service that makes it as easy as opening a box and popping your food in the microwave. There are tons of dietary preferences to choose from (Paleo! Low-carb! Whole30!) but all of the meals are clean and good for you. Chicken butternut macaroni, anyone?

Buy it ($69.99/week)

7. Omaha Steaks’s Butcher’s Favorites

We see a barbecue in your future. Round up your neighbors—you’re going to need help finishing filet mignon, lobster tail, pork chops, jumbo hot dogs and chicken, not to mention steakhouse hash browns and caramel apple tartlets. The gift also includes a jar of signature seasoning. Your family’s resident grill master will be psyched.

Buy it ($199)

8. Angel Food Bakery & Donut Bar’s Pink Jumbo D’oh!nut Cake

Two of our favorite things in one delicious, Instaworthy masterpiece. This Simpsons-inspired creation is the invention of Angel Food Bakery & Donut Bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The bakery is delivering through Goldbelly for the time being, so you can dig into three layers of jumbo yeast donuts, vanilla buttercream, pink donut icing and sprinkles no matter where you are. Homer would be proud.

Buy it ($89)

9. Sun Basket Subscription Box

Inspire an aspiring (or beginner) cook with wholesome meal kits you can curate yourself or give a general gift so they can pick what they’ll have delivered. (And if the person you want to surprise would love nothing more than not having to make dinner, go for the oven-ready dishes instead.)

Buy it ($65.94-175.84)

10. Winc Subscription Box

You’re one six-question quiz away from four bottles of vino you’re basically guaranteed to love. And if you don’t, you *won’t* need to pay for it. In fact, Winc will replace it with one you do like. A membership with this California winery gets you access to exclusive vintages created and curated by Winc with sustainability in mind. We’ll drink to that.

Buy it ($60/one month)

11. Katz’s Birthday Box

Katz’s is a New York City staple, but lucky for you (and your friends and family), they deliver. Sink your teeth into the essentials—pastrami on rye, a corned beef Reuben, house pickles—plus Swiss cheese, deli mustard, sauerkraut and mini black-and-white cookies for dessert. If you’re gifting to a habitual bacon, egg and cheeser, go with the Taste of New York, which includes six bagels.

Buy it ($120)

12. Café du Monde’s Marigny Basket

Bummed about your postponed NOLA getaway? Hook your travel squad up with a New Orleans-style breakfast in the meantime. Café du Monde has been serving chicory coffee since 1862, beloved for its mellow, chocolatey notes. It pairs best with beignets, square French fritters similar to doughnuts that are covered in powdered sugar. The basket includes a can of chicory coffee grounds, beignet mix and two pretty mugs.

Buy it ($28)

13. Craft Beer Kings Hazy IPA Gift Box

No haze-crazed beer nerd will be disappointed about having to squeeze a dozen 16-ounce IPAs from all over the country into their fridge. It can be tough buying brews for a beer lover if you don’t know what they’ve tried or what they like, but this site makes it a cinch. Shop their favorite styles from sours to stouts.

Buy it (Starting at $59.99)

14. Grow and Make Deluxe DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

For those who like it hot. Help your spice-loving work wife go from hot sauce collector to sauce boss with this easy project. It comes complete with cayenne, ancho, curry and New Mexico chili powders, Guajillo, chipotle and arbol peppers, two types of vinegar and brown sugar. It also includes labels, gloves, bottles and everything else you need to bring the heat.

Buy it ($44.95)

15. Mouth’s Peck of Pickles

We all have that one pickle-obsessed friend, right? (If you don’t, you probably are that friend.) The basket is fully loaded with five jars of artisanal, small-batch pickles. Snack on sweet pickle chips, habanero-horseradish dills, pickled string beans, deli-style garlic dill halves and more. All that’s missing is a sandwich.

Buy it ($75.50)

16. Lobster Gram’s Bloody Mary Bar

Pickled and spicy bloody mixes. Pitted olives. Sriracha. Just add vodka. The gift also comes with one pound of cooked jumbo shrimp, barbecue dry rub, beef summer sausage and pickle spears. Whip up an eggs benedict and you’ve got DIY brunch.

Buy it ($125)

17. Red Velvet’s Molten Chocolate Cake Baking Kit

Who *isn’t* overdue for a date night? Send this kit to someone who deserves some romance and a 30-minute dessert. It includes everything you need to make four molten chocolate cakes (except the eggs), four ramekins and a sieve for dusting the cakes with powdered sugar.

Buy it ($38)

18. Popcornopolis 12-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket

Consider your best friend’s movie night cravings covered. She’ll get to dig into a dozen flavors of your choosing, and it may take you a while to decide. Options range from almond caramel and jalapeño cheddar to red velvet and hot cocoa marshmallow.

Buy it ($99.99)

19. Topsail Steamer’s Wrightsville Steamer Pot

Everyone loves a seafood boil. But the assembly and clean-up? No thanks. Luckily, North Carolina restaurant Topsail Steamer sources local snow crab, jumbo shrimp, little neck clams and sea scallops, combines it with traditional fixins’ like sweet corn, red bliss potatoes and Andouille sausage and sends it all to your door in a bay-bucket pot. Just steam with beer or water on the stove and devour.

Buy it ($159-238)

20. Williams Sonoma’s Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit

You’ve seen this viral masterpiece all over your timeline. Now you can take a crack at it yourself. It’s the real deal too—Soho’s Flour Shop was involved in crafting the kit, from the cake mix to the color gels to the frosting mix. It also includes polka dot and rainbow explosion sprinkles, but feel free to go rogue with whatever’s in your pantry.

Buy it ($59.95)

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