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The best grills of 2023, according to BBQ champions and grillmasters

Get fired up with the best gas, charcoal, pellet and electric grills from Weber, Blackstone and beyond.

Broad assortment of raw bbq food placed on a grill ready to be barbecued on charcoal outdoors. One of our best grill picks.
The best grills serve up flavor for every budget and style. (Photo: Getty Images)

Few things say easy living like casually tending burgers and veggies while catching up with friends and family. And what better way to rouse up an appetite — and rally a crowd — than with a sleek, high-powered propane, electric or charcoal grill (perhaps now's the time to add that smoker or pizza oven to the mix)? After all, upgrading your gear will help you perfect your delicacies.

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Different fuel types require different setups and yield different flavors, so we asked experts for tips on choosing a grill that suits your skill level, space and needs. We also scoured thousands of reviews for some of the hottest (read: high-powered and top-rated) models on the scene. Gearing up for tailgating? Want to start grilling through the fall and winter? Read on for our guide to the best grills of 2023.

How to choose a grill

Before you get caught up in the imagined sizzle and aroma of a freshly-cut steak, you’ll want to put some thought into how you’ll use your grill. “There are so many choices in grills today, it's easy to get drawn in by some fancy feature that you'll never need,” notes world BBQ champion Melissa Cookston, owner of Memphis BBQ Company. “Are you cooking mainly burgers, steaks and hot dogs, or do you want more versatility? Would you prefer gas or charcoal? Are you cooking just for the immediate family?”

It's also important to be realistic. Said Jonathan Fox of Atlanta’s Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q: “What is your skill set on a grill: novice, hold-your-own or the next great meat influencer? These are some great questions to ask.”

What is the No. 1 rated grill?

If you're planning to use your grill for regular, weeknight cooking, Fox advises going for a gas grill that can fire up and be ready to go in five to 10 minutes. If a unit that doubles as a smoker is a dream, a ceramic grill is a great option — but know that it’ll take 45 minutes to an hour to heat up (not great on a weeknight), says Fox. Charcoal grills fall somewhere in the middle, for heat-up time, and can add a nice smoky flavor.

You don’t need to buy the priciest grill out there, says Fox, but more expensive grills do tend to last longer. Here are some smart picks to choose from. Find your favorite, and bask in this beautiful summer weather with easy, breezy meals — and no mess in the kitchen.

Best Propane Gas Grills

Weber’s Spirit II E-210 is a no-frills gas grill that gets the job done (and then some). With two stainless steel burners, it can carve out hot and cold zones and cook up a delicious meal in a jiffy. Plus, the grill works with a 20 lb. propane tank — and you'll get a 10-year warranty on all parts!

$449 at Amazon

The Weber Spirit II E-210 model also has two side tables for quick prep, along with an easy-to-read gauge next to the gas tank for keeping track of how much fuel is left. "Our original Weber lasted 18 years...." explained one reviewer. "This one was even easier to build than our original Spirit. I fitted this grill with a quick disconnect and run it from the external propane quick connect on our travel trailer. We are familiar with the Spirit, so this new grill is easy for us to get good results."

This extra-large, splurge-worthy gas grill from Weber has enough cooking surface space for larger parties — there's even a second layer of cooking area that acts as a warming rack with indirect heat for roasts and more. Among its other bells and whistles are an extra burner for simmering sauces, a searing station and an app-connected thermometer that monitors food from start to finish. You'll also get a 10-year warranty on all parts.

$1,174 at Amazon

With two side tables, Weber's Genesis E-335 offers additional room for prep, and yet, employing a 20 lb. propane tank, it's the perfect grill for small spaces. "Weber has always been my favorite grill maker, but this is the best Weber grill I have ever purchased," raved one very experienced buyer. "I am very impressed with the quality and performance of this grill. I live alone and grill a lot, I will seldom use both burners, but I believe this grill would easily suffice for a family of five or six.... I love the quality, simplicity, and efficiency of [its] design ... I am 74 years old and have owned many a grill but finally found a grill that I love."

When it comes to scoring a great gas grill on a budget, Char-Broil's Performance Series 4-Burner is the one to beat, with a huge grilling surface — 435 square inches, with an additional 130 square inches of secondary cooking space — for serving up a sizable feast (includes a five-year burner warranty).

$259 at Char-Broil

The Char-Broil grill's electronic ignition is quick to start, while two side tables and wheels offer additional space and mobility. "I was so excited to try the Performance Series 4-Burner Cart Gas Grill and I’m glad that I did," wrote one customer. "I love the size of the grill and how well made it is. The side burner made it easy to keep the sauce and the meat warm while grilling the rest of the meat and vegetables. The Performance Series 4-Burner Cart Gas Grill not only looks great but also works great!"

Best Flat-Top Grills

If you’re looking to invest in a flat-top grill, Blackstone’s are some of the biggest in the game. And this popular model offers a 756-square-inch grilling space and two variable cooking zones for whipping up breakfast, lunch and dinner in no time. 

$296 at Walmart

A side shelf is handy for prep, while the Blackstone 1984's foldable legs and wheels open the possibilities for endless adventures. "Excellent!" exclaimed one verified purchaser. "Delivered quickly and SO EASY to assemble! Had it up and running in under thirty minutes. Be sure to “season” your grill before you start cooking. We've been using ours daily since we got itust love it!" (See also: this 28-Inch Blackstone for smaller spaces and groups.)

This flat top from Weber is another top pick among grill masters for its fast, even heat distribution reaching over 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Sear your burgers, sausages and the occasional salmon to perfection with the flip of a wrist (it doubles as a slick omelet station for hearty brunches and overnight crews).

$579 at Amazon

Like the Blackstone model, Weber's griddle features a durable cover for weather protection, along with side tables and wheels for added storage and mobility. ".... The Weber Griddle is a game changer in the world of outdoor cooking. Its superior build quality, outstanding performance, user-friendly design and versatility make it a must-have for any grilling aficionado," affirmed this proud owner. "With this griddle in your backyard, you'll undoubtedly elevate your cooking skills and create culinary masterpieces. Highly recommended!" (Also available in 28-inch size.)

Best Pellet Grills

If you’re seeking a serious smoker sans the sticker shock, consider this compact wood pellet grill and smoker from Pit Boss, constructed of durable stainless steel with a 465 square-inch cooking surface — large enough for 20 burgers — and five-pound hopper capacity.

$343 at Amazon

The Pit Boss grill's digital display with LED readout allows for added control, while a removable shelf/tray and large wheels are super convenient. “This might be a tiny smoker, but it packs a punch! We’ve always used a grill in the past, but never again!” wrote one smoker convert. “Chicken chops, hamburger patties, and steaks taste amazing now ... My husband loves it! it does take a little longer for dinner because he has to smoke it [beforehand] but it is so worth it!”

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Traeger grills — and for good reason, as these dynamos don’t mess around. This roomy model has over 1,500 five-star ratings on Amazon and features an ultra-precise temperature controller that allows for 15-degree temperature adjustments so your meats come out just right (and the bronze finish adds a certain polish to any backyard or patio). See the site for a part-by-part warranty breakdown.

$700 at Amazon

The Traeger Pro Series 34 infuses food with wood-fired flavor and is surprisingly versatile: use it to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, BBQ and beyond. "We’ve had the grill only a few weeks, but we’ve cooked delicious ribs, brisket, pork shoulder and a whole chicken," reported a shopper. "We love this grill, and all the meals have been delicious. We love experimenting with different rubs. We bought this one instead of the next-generation model that was several hundred dollars more .... Very happy with the whole experience so far. Thank you, Traeger."

Rectec’s RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill is another heavy-duty, stainless-steel smoker with a hearty following, described by the brand and many of its enthusiasts as “the definition of gold standard in pellet grilling.” When factoring in the second shelf, you’re looking at a 1050 square-inch grilling surface — the largest in this category — which can be used to bake, sear, smoke, grill, dehydrate and more. 

$1,079 at Amazon

The Rectec RT-700's custom PID Smart Grill Technology ensures heat precision and consistency when smoking meats for long durations (up to 40 hours), and temperatures can be controlled directly from your phone with the Recteq app. "This grill is amazing and the app that goes with it is very helpful. It's sturdy and very well built," said one enthusiast of the best grill they've ever had. "I have used it for quite a few smokes and it has yet to let me down. This includes everything from quick high temp grill sessions to long slow smokes. The giant hopper keeps everything going without a hitch. 10 out of 10 I would recommend."

Best Electric Grills

This small but mighty number from Char-Broil turns a basic patio into a backyard burger bistro (just plug it in and you’re good to go). The porcelain-coated cooking grates also stand up to rust and other signs of wear.

$262 at Amazon

The Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill has enough cooking surface space for up to 12 burgers, plus the electric TRU-infrared system offers even heat distribution (read: fewer flare-ups). "I love this electric grill," said one resourceful shopper. "Great for cooking on a deck. Soak some smoked wood chips and you'll never think about a charcoal grill again. So easy to clean and maintain."

This top-rated pick from Weber is a great option for those looking for the ease of an electric grill in a compact, table- and counter-friendly frame. It has racked up over 1,000 five-star ratings from reviewers who’ve come to rely on it for its easy setup, quick — and even — heat distribution and sufficient surface (fits six burgers). 

$279 at Amazon

A spacious dome lid on the Weber Q1400 Electric Grill makes room for bulky meats and locks in heat (just discard any waste with the removable catch pan when your meal is complete). “Works like charcoal!,” exclaimed one verified customer. “Our RV electric barbecue finally bit the dust, so we replaced it with this unit. The cooking surface is good size, the drip tray is easy to get to, the pan under the burner unit is easy access, the dome is really good size for lumpier meat (small whole chicken?) and I think our ribs turned out the best ever. May have been the cook actually,” wrote another convert.

Looking to plug in at a low price tag? Check out this versatile pick from Hamilton Beach, which goes on triple duty as a full grill, full griddle or grill-griddle hybrid in one. Just switch up the aluminum plates — there’s enough room to serve eight — according to the menu and occasion. 

$67 at Amazon

The Hamilton Beach griddle is equipped with nonstick plates and a drip tray that can be thrown in the dishwasher along with everything else once your guests leave. “This is hands down my favorite cooking product! It is so easy to make several things at one time. I can make burgers, pancakes, vegetables and so much more without the items ever mixing ….” wrote one satisfied multitasker. “Better than an outside grill,” affirmed a second. “I love that you can set the heat on both sides. It is just better than having the grill outside and being in the heat and all the outside weather.”

Best Charcoal Grills

It just doesn't get any more classic than this Weber standby. Backed by nearly 8,000 five-star ratings, this portable grill has a campsite- and small patio-friendly design and also boasts a set of wheels for easy maneuvering and a lid hook to secure the cover while you're cooking away.

$139 at Amazon

Don't let the compact size of the Weber Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill fool you — it's roomy enough to hold 13 burgers, complete with a porcelain-enameled, rust-proof lid and bowl for bringing and retaining the heat. As one avid griller testified: "Easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean. Lightweight and portable. Great way to grill either directly or indirectly. I use indirect heat to smoke chicken and direct heat to grill burgers. When I’m in a hurry and do not want to wait for the coals to burn down, I use another grate and elevate it with a couple of bricks so that the meat doesn’t burn. Been a great purchase so far!"

Prepare up to 13 burgers at a time, then let Weber's one-touch cleaning system and removable tray handle all of the dirty work.

$499 at Amazon

The Weber Performer Premium Charcoal Grill is equipped with a built-in lid thermometer and removable backlit LCD cook timer for precise grilling, a storage container for holding charcoal, and side tables for easy prep, keeping everything within close reach. "This is my second Performer. Had the first one for 15 years and will be handing it down. I can't imagine owning a charcoal grill without the Weber name on it. We grill on average three to four days a week, year round. Built to last!" wrote a Weber devotee.

Best Pizza Ovens and Grills

This trattoria-worthy oven reaches a sizzling 800 degrees and can bake pies to perfection in a matter of minutes (less than two to be exact). Consider expanding your outdoor offerings with the addition of a BakerStone grill or griddle.

$242 at Amazon

The BakerStone oven's compact design is great for smaller spaces and its removable firebox makes for easy cleaning, meaning all you have to worry about is deciding on the toppings. Wrote a super fan: "By far the best bang for the buck ... Friends of mine have considerably more expensive pizza ovens and this one cooks as well as any of them. The single greatest purchase we have ever made!!!"

For an OG pizza oven with a retro yet somehow also futuristic feel, we — and more than 1,200 raving reviewers — can’t get enough of this high-powered hub from Gozney. Described by the brand as “the pizza oven that started a revolution,” the gas-fueled contraption reaches a temperature of 950 degrees and cooks up a pie in one minute flat. 

$449 at Amazon

Retractable legs and a detachable burner are especially ideal for camping and glamping, and the oven comes in a spectrum of colors for making it your own. This five-star fan purchased the Roccbox Pizza Oven in an attempt to control their toppings and achieve restaurant-worthy crust: “Just one pizza in and I can say this oven has transformed our pizza game. I only wish I found this years ago! Perfect pizza in minutes.”

Really want to treat yourself? Consider the Ooni Karu 16, a popular pick among backyard pizzaiolos for its cutting-edge design (Ooni’s most innovative to date), durability (a high temperature–resistant powder-coated finish meets a carbon steel shell) and ability to pack some serious heat. 

$715 at Amazon

Just add your fuel of choice (wood or charcoal), fire up the oven to 950 degrees and watch in amazement — thanks to a new full glass oven door — as the Ooni Karu 16 serves up Neapolitan-style pizza in just 60 seconds. “[It's] easy to put together and we got it up and running the first day. It looks beautiful and my husband loves how well engineered it is,” wrote one verified customer. “We sat gazing at the wood fire as we seasoned the oven, then we made two terrific pizzas. We hope to get a thinner crust next time, so we watched Ooni’s helpful videos. The whole experience has been fun as well as satisfying for a couple of pizza purists!”

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.