5 Car Ads That’ll Make You Smile this April Fool’s Day

Cherryl Anne Cruz

Car brands aren’t really known for their humor. However, there are those rare occasions when they may join in the fun and decide to make us unlikely victims of their harmless “April Fool’s Day” pranks. Here are some of the best car brand jokes that made our day:

Lexus: Lane Valet Tech

What if your car can actually move the vehicle in front of you so they’ll move to the right lane? Will you do it?

Lexus thinks it can.

According to their spoof commercial, the 2018 Lexus LC Lane Valet is a visionary semi-autonomous passing-lane technology that connects to a left-lane vehicle that’s obstructing traffic and moves it to the right side — without the help of the driver.

Honda’s Emoji Obsession

Honda License Plate Emojis

Honda first created an Emoji-related ad last year when they released a statement of their plans to create emoji registration license plates for young car buyers. Its guinea pig? The Honda Civic Type R.

Some of the images they wanted to include are the Japanese “circle of the sun” Hinomaru flag, first car keys, a red car, a road, and a traffic light for the license plate.


Honda Horn Emojis

This year, however, Honda released another Emoji-related prank, this time with the 2018 Honda Odyssey’s car horns.

According to imaginary horn development head, Alice Alerto, horns have always been around for a long time, but little is made to make them personal expressions of a driver’s emotions. The Honda Horn Emojis technology offers a driver-to-drive communication system that allows a full range of expressive horn sounds that are related to a few familiar emotions, such as anger, shock, laughter, and many others.

“Honda Horn Emojis also include the Happy Honda Honk emoji that enables the driver to say ‘hello’ to passersby, and the Honda Dog emoji, which is silent to humans but warns canines of approaching vehicles, among others.”

Jeep Wrangler’s Barbeque Grill

Jeep Wrangler’s rough appeal will definitely fit perfectly with its Grille Grill technology. Released via social media, the Wrangler Grille Grill technology is designed for outdoor lovers who like to cook and bask in nature’s splendor.

This technology allows you to take out its detachable front grille and use it to grill a perfect slab of barbecue on the side.


Porsche’s Perfume

Porsche isn’t only into cars, it’s also into fragrances as well. In fact, it decided to create a new fragrance that has the “essences of motor oil and nano-particles of tire rubber [that] will make you feel like you are on the racetrack. Every day.”

Posted in Porsche’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, its “Eau d’Essence” is only limited to 919 bottles, which are shaped like spark plugs that “embodies the motor sport spirit.”


Ford Mustang’s Huge Shrubbery

In 2015, Ford released an April Fool’s day “news” story about a farmer who was so obsessed with the Ford Mustang that he decided to plant a giant shrubbery in the shape of the Mustang’s badge.

Nissan’s GYM Feature

Nissan found a new way of helping drivers to stay fit by adding a GYM feature to its Nissan X-Trail. Apparently, this technology helps you do your workout while driving on the road.

It works by making it harder to operate the brake pedals, accelerator, and gearboxes. Once pressed, it turns off the driver assistance, deactivates power steering and electric windows, and allows “commuters to get their very own workout at the wheel.” Drivers can check how many calories they’re burning via its infotainment system and the “Gym and Go” app.

According to Nissan, it can burn around 1,415 calories each week.



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