Best Room At… Hotel Bellevue

hotel bellvue dubrovnik review
Best Room At… Hotel BellevueCourtesy Adriatic Luxury Hotels

Hotel Bellevue, which sits on a cliff overlooking the Dalmatian Coast, underwent a major renovation (care of Lisbon’s Tereza Prego Design ) in 2019, but the property isn’t lacking in old-world charm. The 91-room hotel boasts a Michelin-recommended restaurant, a wine bar, a spa, and nearly any modern amenity that might come to mind, but you’ll still find many guests spending their day mixing with locals on the pebble beach just outside the doors.

“The Bellevue is a combination of ultimate luxury and Mediterranean charm,” says reservations manager Katija Zvone Krmek. “ It’s built on a cliff, so it’s very peaceful and quiet. You might feel like you’re on a cruise ship, with the waves visible in the morning and a sunset from the terrace in the evening.” She adds that all of this natural beauty doesn’t mean you’re too far from the other sights Dubrovnik has to offer: “You’re only a 15-minute walk from the Old Town,” she explains, “and it’s all downhill!”

hotel bellevue dubrovnik review
The Presidential Suite at Dubrovnik’s Hotel Bellvue offers separate living and dining areas, a large terrace overlooking the sea, and plenty of the local delicacy arancini, candied orange peels that T&C couldn’t get enough of during a recent stay.Marko Todorovic

Here, Krmek shares the details of her own favorite room and explains why the Bellevue is more than a place for visitors, but also a showcase for the best that Croatia has to offer.

What do you consider to be the best room at the property and why?

The most luxurious room is the Presidential Suite. It’s a one-bedroom suite located on the top floor of the hotel and can connect with a Superior Room to make a combination for families or larger groups. There’s an incredible sea view, a balcony, separate living and dining areas, and two bathrooms. For every suite booking at the hotel, you get a credit for the wine bar, which was added in the latest renovation and has an excellent selection of Croatian wines.

How much does it cost per night?

€4,000 per night

hotel bellevue dubrovnik review
The property overlooks a cove and sits next to a beach for guests to enjoy the water—but its close proximity to Dubrovnik’s Old Town means guests can enjoy the best of both worlds.Marko Todorovic

How would you describe the guests and the vibe at the hotel?

The Bellevue is modern and sophisticated, but it’s also very relaxed. We welcome a lot of families with children, and also guests who want tranquility and Mediterranean charm. People come here for the cocktail bar, the Michelin-recommended restaurant, the spa, or the beach; it’s peaceful but also luxurious, and our guests appreciate that experience.

What feeling about Dubrovnik do you hope to impart to guests?

There’s a real connection with the community. We promote Croatian products, from sweets to wines and beyond. In Dubrovnik, we are close to two wine regions that are popular with family-owned wineries; sometimes we can arrange for those winemakers to come to the hotel to share their work and story with guests. Arancini, traditional sugared orange peels are also a favorite, and we make those from the fruit that grows on the grounds of the hotel.

dubrovnic, croacia
Dubrovnik’s popular Old Town, which is just a short walk from Hotel Bellevue. Luis Davilla - Getty Images

What’s a local attraction that you always recommend?

In Dubrovnik, everything is tied into our history, so we always recommend that when guests visit, especially for the first time, to take a guided tour of the town. We have the second-oldest pharmacy in Europe, which is still in business and is part of the Franciscan monastery. They still make things the way they did back in the 14th century. There’s also the island of Lokrum, where you can go on a small boat; it has an interesting history and an incredible story—it’s said to be cursed—and many guests are really interested in visiting.

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