Best Hair Colours to Boost Your Luck in 2020

Are you ready to welcome the new year? You might be prepared for 2020, but we think that there is more to do when you consider the fengshui forecast for the Year of the Rat.

The Rat is first in the Chinese animal cycle, so we can usher in the new decade with hopes for new beginnings and renewals. In 2020, the Rat is a special Metal Rat, and the combination of water and metal creates a complementary pairing that will bring peace in the new year. 

Romance is looking up too, making it a good year to look for a partner or to get married. Those with fire and earth elements should be lucky this year because they will conquer the strong water element in 2020.

Want to know what 2020 means for your zodiac sign and what you can do to boost your fortune in 2020? Keep reading!



Born in the Year Of 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

Auspicious Colours: Grey, Brown

If you've been waiting for your year for a long time, here it is! This is a year your leadership will be showcased as you soar in both career and with the Wealth Star and Commanding Star behind you. Progressing in your career will lead to increased wealth so you can confidently march forward. This year might be a good time to make investments or get a property, as long as you avoid rash decisions and do your research. Be cautious and aware of opportunities that can create a loss for you.

Hair Colour by Fluxus House

The Fluxus House @ Outram Park

The recommended hair colour is therefore brown with hints of grey as it strengthens your wood element which will strengthen your fire energy and give you the persistence you need to complete your projects. Of course, this is also a very work-friendly colour, making it easy to pull off. 

If you're single and waiting for your prince or princess, it's time to take action. Participate in social activities that will allow you to meet new people, including your future partner. Those who are already in a relationship should put in effort to spend time and show your love to your partner. For married couples, remember to spend time with one another no matter how busy work and life gets.

Do however be more careful on the road and take care of your health as the Indolent and Prickly stars are likely to exert some damage. As you are clashing with the Grand Duke, you might want to visit your religious place of worship and pray for a smooth sailing 2020.

Consider also getting a grey hair colour for that extra metal boost for the year. 

Grey Hair by Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis / Tanjong Pagar



Born in the Year Of 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

Auspicious Colours: Red, Orange, Gold

Congratulations, the 3 lucky stars - Relationship Star, Success Star, and Star of Aid - are in your favour in 2020. Expect an abundance of opportunities and blessings as you feel a boost in your popularity, career and love life. Work hard and put in effort, and you might just be able to achieve your ideal income at work. Singles should have an active social life as there is a possibility of meeting someone special this year. If you're currently dating, it is a good time to consider marriage.

For those of you who are working in flexible workplaces, consider this fiery Ariel Red to nourish the Earth element and make sure that your projects are grounded in reality and yield sizable returns this year.

Fiery Red Hair by Impulse Collective @ Bugis

Impulse Collective @ Bugis

Otherwise, you can always opt for the more work-friendly Rose Gold with tinges of rose

Rose Gold Hair by Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City

Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City

We're also very much in love with this rendition of Rose from Full House Salon.

Rose from Full House Salon

Full House Salon @ Tampines

For those who find the above colours too warm, there's also Gold which can help you strengthen your metallic element this year.

Gold by Hair Illustrated @ Raffles City

Hair Illustrated @ Raffles City

You can opt for Golden Brown like the above or Golden Balayage Highlights below. 

Golden Balayage Highlights by 99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio



Born in the Year Of 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Auspicious Colours: Brown, Green, Grey

We're very sorry to say that luck doesn't seem to be on your side this year with Sorrow Star and Mourning Star featuring in 2020. Still you'd be comforted to know the Voyager Star can help you get back up on your feet and lead you to opportunities for developing your career and increasing your income. This may however lead you to travel quite a bit for work, so show your loved ones more attention and affection where possible to avoid any tensions at home. 

Similarly, the recommended hair colours are brown and green as both represent the wood element that helps to strengthen the fire energy necessary to overcome obstacles this year. 

Brown and Green Hair by Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

If you aren't ready to go green, there's always the work-friendly option of going for ashy greenish brown.

Ashy Greenish Brown by 99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio


Or perhaps hide the green highlights with a peek-a-boo hair colour like what Agent S did.

Green Highlights by Mane Made Hair Studio @ Hougang

Mane Made Hair Studio @ Hougang

Fengshui masters also say that greys should work really well to strengthen the metal element for Tigers so do consider some grey highlights

Grey Highlights by Hair Illustrated @ Raffles City

Hair Illustrated @ Raffles City



Born in the Year Of 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

Auspicious Colours: Grey & Brown

Success Star will give you great luck this year but the Entanglement Stars and Natural Disaster Star will stand in your way, so you have to work hard against them. Avoid investing this year as external factors can sway your judgement. Use your network of friends and business relations to help grow your business and revenue. Do not bother with luxuries that depreciate such as car and designer goods. Instead, focus on expanding your work, fixed deposits, unit trusts and retirement plans. 

Romance is yours to have if you are not dating as the Marriage Star is also here to give you luck in your love life. Simply pay attention to your appearance and be open to opportunities. People in a relationship can also think about meeting the parents to talk about marriage.

Brown Hair by Chez Vous Hideaway

Chez Vous Hideaway 

Once again, the recommended colours for Rabbits are the wooden element Brown.

This helps to increase the fire energy and enthusiasm to keep excessive water at bay.

Brown Hair by Bump by AVENTA @ River Valley

Bump by AVENTA @ River Valley

Aside from browns, grey highlights will also boost your metals to clarify your thoughts and help you avoid unnecessary entanglements and disasters. 

Grey Highlights by LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon



Born in the Year Of 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Auspicious Colours: Gold

With the Abundance Star and Achievement Star shining, your career and wealth should propel forward in 2020. You can try your luck at lotteries and investment opportunities, but beware of taking on unnecessary debt! 

The problem is that the Conniving Star and Lawsuit Star are just around the corner to cause you to lose some wealth, so you must be on guard against negative influences. Students will be extra creative and successful this year, but the Desolate Star might make you feel down at times. It may be difficult to date with this year being so busy so remember to be caring and attentive to their partner and not to take love for granted. 

Gold Hair by COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Keong Saik

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Keong Saik

The recommended colour for the Dragon is Gold, a metallic colour. 

Metallic Gold Hair by Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

You can either go for a balayage gold or just gold highlights if you're not keen to bleach too much of your hair!

Gold Highlights by Bump by AVENTA @ River Valley

Bump by AVENTA @ River Valley



Born in the Year Of 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

Auspicious Colours: Grey, Gold, Brown

Lady luck is shining on Snakes this year with many stars in your favour. Prepare to excel in your career, wealth, marriage and ambitions and for your wealth to flourish if you invest wisely in 2020. While you're doing well, make sure you help others to generate more positive energy. By being kind and positive this year, like-minded people will be attracted to you. People in a relationship can start planning for marriage while married couples should continue to be harmonious. 

The recommended colours for Snakes are Grey, Gold, and Brown.

Grey, Gold & Brown by Rubik Salon @ Outram Park

Rubik Salon @ Outram Park

You can go for a greyish brown to cover 2 of the 3 recommended colours or you can go for a gorgeous grayage if you've never done that before. 

Gray Balayage by S.A.D's Hair Design

S.A.D's Hair Design

If not, classic gold highlights can look just as good!

Classic Gold Highlights by Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

Do My Hair @ Orchard Central



Born in the Year Of 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002

Auspicious Colours: Red, Orange

There are many unlucky stars standing in your way, creating bumps in your studies, career and romance. But fret not, because the Resolution Star will provide an escape, allowing you to spend money and resolve problems to improve your luck. The Major Wealth Loss Star points to a loss of wealth and the Lawsuit Star indicates that there might be legal trouble. Prepare for this by saving up and spending wisely. Travel less and pray for peace because the Combat Star might cause illness or injury.

Unfortunately, it looks like singles will also have no luck in the romance department either. Potential partners may be suspect so it is important to observe any potential partners carefully before committing. 

Fiery Red Hair by Impulse Collective @ Bugis

Impulse Collective @ Bugis

Your recommended colour this year is the fiery red to burn away all the obstacles that stand in your way. 

Peach Hair by Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place


Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Peach is always the milder option if red is too vibrant for you. 

Copper Hair Colour by Mane Made Hair Studio @ Hougang

Mane Made Hair Studio @ Hougang

But personally, copper is still our go-to work-friendly colour as it is warm and stylish, without being overly loud.



Born in the Year Of 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002

Auspicious Colours: Brown, Green, Grey

Your career, wealth and relationship will be taken to the next level thanks to the Emperor Star, Prosperity Star and Star of Aid. When problems arise, they will swiftly resolve themselves. Even though everything is smooth sailing, stay humble and avoid making enemies because the Calamity Star and Conflict Star should not be taken lightly. Control your temper, watch your blood pressure and take care of your heart to maintain good health this year.

Things are looking up for your career too and you can expect a steady increase in wealth. Your business will prosper and your personal and professional value will both increase. By being thoughtful and caring, you will warm the hearts of people around you. Friendships might evolve into relationships as you get to know one another better. 

Brown Hair Colour by Flamingo Hair Studio

Flamingo Hair Studio

Your auspicious colours this year are brown, green and grey, basically wooden and metallic colours.

We're in love with the flamingo brown above but if you wish to have multiple dimensions in one colour, the metallic grey highlights with brown base works really beautifully as well. 

Metallic Grey Highlights with Brown Base Hair Colour by Branche Japanese Hair Salon @ City Hall

Branche Japanese Hair Salon @ City Hall

You can also opt for green ombre if you wish!

Green Ombre Hair Colour by Mane Made @ Hougang

Mane Made @ Hougang



Born in the Year Of 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 

Auspicious Colours: Red & Orange

This year, you have to rely on your own strength to do well. The Robbery Star might lower your wealth luck, resulting in low income growth and possibly losses in investments. Although your career might slow down, don't be disappointed as this is the time to build strength and resources for the future. Be conscious of safety as Mishap Star and Injury Star can make you injury-prone. Grow your nest egg and try not to make risky investments. Instead of looking for a relationship, this is a good time to focus on your studies and career. Couples might face tension at home, but remember not to take your frustration out on your loved ones!

Red & Orange Hair Colour by No 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

No 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

Red and orange are the recommended colours for they strengthen the fire element and nourish the earth required to calmly overcome whatever may be in your way. 

Red & Orange Hair Colour by Pro Trim @ Jurong East JEM

Pro Trim @ Jurong East JEM

If the traditional red is too bright for you, you can always opt for a reddish brown like this!

Reddish Brown Hair Colour by Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

We also love this subtly done red highlights that warm the hairstyle without being too over. 

Red Higlights by No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East


Born in the Year Of 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005  

Auspicious Colours: Grey, Brown, Red & Orange

2020 is looking good for Roosters, in both personal and work arena. You'll have lots of benefactors and mentors both at work or in your studies. Be positive towards career and grab opportunities courageously. You will be extra attractive to people around you this year, which rapidly increases your chances of getting the person of your dreams. Existing relationships will progress steadily but you might be thinking of sealing the deal with marriage. Married couples might be thinking of adding to the family too.

Brown Hair Colour by The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio

The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio

With so many areas of your life doing well, your recommended colours are also very wide-ranging, from the more typical brown (wood element) to the more adventurous reds (fire element).

Red Hair Colour by Full House Salon @ Tampines

Full House Salon @ Tampines

Grey works to increase the power of your metallic element as well

Metallic Grey Hair Colour by Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

If you're spoiled for choice, you can even consider the half pink, half grey combination by Kenaris below!

Half Pink & Half Grey Hair Colour by Kenaris Salon @ Wheelock Place

Kenaris Salon @ Wheelock Place



Born in the Year Of 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 

Auspicious Colours: Green

Enjoy a great year in studies and at work thanks to the Achievement Star. Unlucky stars might be in your path, but the Resolution Star and Lucky Star will keep them at bay. You might feel a surge of emotion with the Emotional Star, so try to be level-headed to keep mood swings and anxiety at bay.

Green Hair Colour by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Wearing your hair auspicious colour green will hopefully keep you cool as a cucumber. 

Green Hair Colour by The Space Korean Hair Salon @ Dhoby Ghaut

 The Space Korean Hair Salon @ Dhoby Ghaut

Stay alert because the Injury (Facial) Star can cause illnesses or accidents that require surgery.

You will continue to progress at work, but your income might not increase that much. Do not let your emotions make you impulsive because that can lead to wealth loss. Think before speaking to avoid damaging your work and personal connections.

As you wait for someone to approach you, take the time to read up on worldly affairs so you can stay educated and up-to-date. Those in a relationship should respect their partner and stop trying to fix any 'flaws'. Married couples have to be considerate and sensitive towards their spouse.



Born in the Year Of 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

Auspicious Colours: Green, Grey & Brown

You might face problems, but two major lucky stars will help to protect you this year. Breakthrough Star will bring you lots of projects and opportunities to stretch your potential while Academic Star gives a boost to those who are studying. Do however be careful of the Illness Star and be sure to take care of your health. Those who are in relationships might encounter difficulties in balancing work and love, but all will be fine as long as you commit and communicate.

Green Hair Colour by Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City


Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

To help you fight the illnesses of the year, consider green or brown, colours of the wooden element, to summon fire energy in 2020.

Brown Hair Colour by COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

Metallic element can also help bring your career to newer heights so a touch of grey highlights on brown hair would be just right!

Grey Highlights on Brown Hair by Zinc Korean Hair Salon


Care less about zodiac signs and more about trending hair colours for 2020?