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Measuring your weight alone actually tells you very little about your health. (Stock, Getty Images)
Measuring your weight alone actually tells you very little about your health. (Getty Images)

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On it's own, measuring your weight actually tells you very little about your overall health, and day-to-day the numbers on your scales can be impacted by many factors, including how much water you've drunk.

As scientific developments have led to a greater understanding that weight is just one part of the picture, bathroom scales have begun to offer additional functionality to help us gain more insight into whether changes to our diet and fitness are having an impact on our body composition and health.

Smart scales can send detailed reports about your body's composition to your phone (via wifi or Bluetooth), including what percentage of your body is made up of fat, water, muscle mass and visceral fat (also known as abdominal fat), as well as calculating your BMI.

Some will even take measurements of your basal metabolic rate (BMR, the rate at which the body uses energy while at rest); metabolic age (how your BMR compares to the average for people your age); protein mass (the amount of protein in the body); and cardiovascular health.

These readings are not intended to be looked at in isolation, but to be used together to track changes in your body.

Most smart scales use Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to take these readings. This means that when you step on the scales with bare feet, a small electric current is sent around your body. Rest assured, it is at a very low level and you won't feel a thing. But always check the manufacturers' safety information before purchasing, especially if you're pregnant, have a pacemaker or other internal medical devices, as smart scales may not be suitable for everyone.

We've rounded up some of the top rated and bestselling products from reputable brands currently on the market, with prices ranging from under £30 to nearly £200.

Best smart scales 2022

EUFY C1 Smart Scale | £29.99 at Currys

C1 Smart Scale (EUFY)
C1 Smart Scale (EUFY)

This reasonably priced scale tracks no less than 12 different body composition measurements including: weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, bone mass, BMI, muscle mass, visceral fat, lean body mass and basal metabolic rate.

The scale, which is powered by three AAA batteries, can recognise up to 16 different users, so would work well for families or house shares.

The platform you stand on is on the small side (28cm by 28cm) - something to bear in mind if you have larger feet as it could make it difficult to balance, but is good for bathrooms where space is at a premium.

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, but can store up to 100 readings between syncs if your phone isn't nearby when you step on the platform. This model can be used with a variety of apps including Eufy HomeApp, Apple Health, Google Fit or FitBit, to provide you with a fitness assessments and health reports with suggestions for future progress towards your goals..

Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale | £129 at Currys

Index S2 Smart Scale  (Garmin)
Index S2 Smart Scale (Garmin)

This scale features a large high resolution colour display so you can instantly see your stats.

Measurements of your weight, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, body fat and body water percentage will also be sent to the Garmin Connect app on your phone via wifi or Bluetooth, so you can see your data in more detail and track your progress towards your goals.

If you find keeping friends in the loop about your progress is a good motivator, the Garmin Connect app will let you do that. Plus it includes optional extras including workout plans, weather forecasts, menstrual cycle tracking and safety tools to let family members track your location.

The Garmin Connect app also works with the brand's running watches and fitness trackers and can synchronise with many other fitness and diet apps, including MyFitnessPal, Nike+ and Noom, so you won't have to enter your weigh-in data manually.

Powered by four AAA batteries, the platform measures 32cm by 28cm, and this scale can recognise up to 16 different users (as long as they all have their own Garmin Connect accounts).

Tanita RD953 Body Composition Monitor | £182.21 at Amazon

RD953 Body Composition Monitor (Tanita)
RD953 Body Composition Monitor (Tanita)

People who regularly exercise at high levels exhibit differences in their muscle structure and hydration, which can throw off their readings on scales designed for the general public. So Tanita developed a specific 'Athlete' mode for its scales, which is calibrated against a representative sample of athletes.

Athlete mode is recommended for anyone who carries out more than 10 hours of intensive aerobic exercise a week, has been doing so for at least six months and who has a resting heartbeat of under 60bpm; or those who used to do more than 10 hours of exercise a week – but do less now.

Powered by four AA batteries, the scales have a 30cm by 33cm platform and a four user memory.

Your weight is displayed on the LED Screen in the centre and you can connect to the My Tanita App (iOS and Android compatible) using Bluetooth, to track 11 other body composition stats, including visceral fat, BMR, metabolic age, BMI, body fat, body water, muscle mass, muscle quality (strength) and bone mass.

On the app you'll also be awarded a physique rating, which will identify you as one of nine body types, from obese to very muscular, based on your muscle and body fat levels.

Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale | £103.95 (Was £129.95) at Amazon

Body Cardio Smart Scale (Withings)
Body Cardio Smart Scale (Withings)

As well as measuring your weight, muscle mass, body fat, water percentage and bone mass, this scale can also provide an indication of your overall cardiovascular health — by measuring both your standing heart rate and pulse wave velocity (which indicates how flexible your arteries are).

Your data will be synced with the Withings Health Mate app via either Bluetooth or wifi, where you can also find practical advice to help improve your readings, as well as a daily weather forecast and your step count from the previous day.

The app is also compatible with Alexa and syncs with Apple Watches, plus more than 100 health and fitness apps including Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit.

The scale's platform measures 32.5cm by 32.5cm, and it can recognise up to eight different users. Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery, this scale will work for up to one year before needing to be connected to a power source to recharge using the USB cable provided.

Salter Curve Bluetooth Smart Analyser Bathroom Scale | £46.99 (Was £52.99) at Robert Dyas

Curve Bluetooth Smart Analyser Bathroom Scale (Salter)
Curve Bluetooth Smart Analyser Bathroom Scale (Salter)

This scale can measure your weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI and BMR.

To have your measurements explained with recommended ranges and monitor your progress over time, you'll need to connect to the ’Mibody’ App on your phone via Bluetooth when taking readings.

Powered by three AAA batteries and equipped with an eight–user memory, this scale also features child and athlete modes, to make the readings more accurate for different members of your household.

At its widest points the oval platform measures measures 34cm by 31cm. It features an easy to read reverse backlit LCD display and comes with carpet feet, so you can use it on uneven surfaces and still get accurate results.

Renpho Smart Body Fat Scales USB Rechargeable | £29.99 (Was £42.99) at Amazon

Smart Body Fat Scales USB Rechargeable (Renpho)
Smart Body Fat Scales USB Rechargeable (Renpho)

The LED display on this scale will only show your weight, but once synced with the Renpho app on your phone via Bluetooth you will have access to 13 body composition analyses — weight, BMI, body fat, water, skeletal muscle, fat-free body weight, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, basal metabolism, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat and metabolic age.

Unusually for a Bluetooth enabled scale, you won't need your phone nearby when taking every reading as the data will be stored and will sync to the app once it is next connected. The Renpho app can also be synced with other fitness apps including Samsung Health, Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Watches.

This USB-rechargeable scale can be used by an unlimited number of people, but bear in mind that this is another one on the small side with a platform measuring 28cm by 28cm.

Fitbit Aria Air Smart Scale | £39.99 (Was £49.99) at Amazon

If you own a Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch, this Bluetooth enabled scale will automatically sync with that device via the Fitbit app on your phone, saving you the effort of entering details manually after every weigh-in.

As well as measuring your weight, this scale will also calculate your BMI using the height in your Fitbit profile, and will compile your stats in charts and graphs in the app to allow you to track your progress.

Powered by three AAA batteries, this scale can be used by multiple people (as long as they have their own Fitbit profile) and its platform measures 30cm by 30cm.

QardioBase2 WiFi Smart Scale and Body Analyer | £97.49 (Was £129.99) at Amazon

WiFi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer (QardioBase2)
WiFi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer (QardioBase2)

This scale provides 'haptic feedback', vibrating slightly to let you know when it has successfully taken a measurement. It also communicates your measurements and results to you in smileys, so you can see at a glance how much progress towards your goals you've made.

The QardioBase scale can recognise up to five users - welcoming each member with their name and a smile as they step onto the circular platform, which measures 37cm at its widest.

The LED screen on this USB-rechargeable scale, will then tell you your weight and body fat percentage, as well as displaying a happy, unhappy or neutral face depending on how you're progressing towards your weight goal.

It will also sync with the Qardio App (for iOS or Android) via Bluetooth or wifi, where you will find additional measurements including changes in muscle, body fat, water, bone mass and BMI.

The app also works with other fitness apps including MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Google Fit and Samsung Health, and it supports both Apple and Android smartwatches.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale | £27.68 (Was £29.99) at Amazon

Mi Smart Scale (Xiaomi)
Mi Smart Scale (Xiaomi)

This scale allows you to take a balance test to work on improving your balance to minimise the risk of falls and injuries. It will of course also measure your weight, protein, BMR, metabolic age, muscle mass, water, fat, bone mass, visceral fat and BMI.

Powered by four AAA batteries, with a platform measuring 30cm by 30cm, this scale allows up to six people to keep profiles.

Find your measurements and track your progress over time when connected via Bluetooth or wifi to the Mi Fit Application (which also works with Xiaomi bracelets, watches and smart shoes, to collect info on your body composition and daily exercises all in one place), The app can also sync with Google Fit, Apple Health and Samsung Health.

Noerden Minimi Smart Scale | £39.99 at Currys

Minimi Smart Scale (Noerden)
Minimi Smart Scale (Noerden)

This is the smallest scale in our round up, with a platform measuring just 26cm by 26cm, so it is a great space saving option for those with smaller feet.

As well as your weight, the scale will record your body water percentage, body fat percentage, BMI, bone mass, BMR, visceral fat, metabolic age and lean body mass.

Your stats will be shown on the scale via an LED screen that is invisible when not in use, and will also be sent to the Noerden app on your phone via Bluetooth. The app gives you detailed data reports that display trends with clear graphics, making it easy to keep track of changes over time.

Powered by three AAA batteries, it can record info for an unlimited number of users and has an 'Athlete' mode suitable for those who train for more than seven hours a week.

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