These Are The Best ‘Starfield’ Ships (So Far!)

Starfield ships
Starfield ships

Bethesda knew what we wanted from a spacefaring RPG – and it was outpost building and shipbuilding.

If you too are interested in the latter, we have decided to take a look at the best Starfield ships, how you can go about building them, the best designs and the coolest ones to steal.

The shipbuilding aspect of the game is easily one of the most interesting – and, fortunately for the tinkerers out there, the system in place is very comprehensive with many modules, weapons, engines and more to choose from.

Coupled with the character creator, it’s a wonder that any of us have actually found the time to play any of the quests.

Building a sneaky smuggling ship with Shielded Cargo will allow you to ferry contraband, too, so it feels like the possibilities are quite endless.

Besides building ships, you can recruit and assign companions to increase their stats, and… well… romance them as well.

With that said, there’s a big spaceship-shaped hole in our hearts, so let’s get to it and see all there is to know about shipbuilding in Starfield!

How to build ships in ‘Starfield’ 

To build ships in Starfield, you need to head to a spaceport and speak with the ship technician. Once you do that,  you can ask to customise a ship in your collection, register a new one, repair your ship or buy a new one outright.

Or, if you have built a large landing pad at an outpost, you can use the shipbuilding terminal to do it yourself.

I.Eat.Games on YouTube has a great guide on shipbuilding if you’d rather watch and listen.

For those who like reading, we’ll continue!

When in the ship viewer, go onto the Ship Builder by pressing X (on Xbox) or the B key (on PC).

You can move and replace the individual modules by selecting them and pressing Edit. If you make a mistake, you can undo and redo actions.

To get to different modules, you can change the level by pressing up and down on the D-pad (on Xbox) or the H and F keys (on PC).

By pressing the A button (on Xbox) or the G key (on PC) you will go to the Add menu, where you can see all the available parts.

At the bottom of the screen will be a row of your ships’ stats, and it’s wise to keep an eye on these if you want your ship to specialise in something in particular – such as transporting cargo, fighting or speed.

There are loads of ship parts to choose from, and certain vendors will have exclusive access to some of the more exotic modules – so be sure to shop around.

You can also unlock more components and types of available ships by upgrading your Ship Command and Piloting skill levels.

Once you are done customising your ship, you can confirm the changes and view your new steed on the landing pad.


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Best ship designs in ‘Starfield’ (so far!)

Of course, original ship designs in Starfield can be very cool, but it was inevitable that people would try their hand at recreating some of sci-fi’s most iconic ships – with the most famous of all arguably being the Millennium Falcon.

WiLLiSGaming on YouTube made a pretty good attempt at it, and you can see how they did it below.

Given that we write about games, it may not come as a surprise that we’re big fans of spaceships from our favourite medium. Redditor neok182 made a very impressive rendition of the Normandy SR-2 from Mass Effect and also a near-perfect Firefly Class ship from Serenity.

What will you try and build in Starfield? We might try our hand at making the USG Kellion from Dead Space

Cool ships to steal in ‘Starfield’

If you can’t be bothered to build your own ship, don’t have the funds to buy one or just like the look of someone else’s ship, then you might just want to take one for yourself.

Some of the cooler ships in the game belong to resident space pirates The Crimson Fleet. Their ships quite often have good offensive capabilities and have features such as Shielded Cargo that allow you to bring stolen and contraband items into the Settled Systems.

Going after ships belonging to some of the more powerful factions should be done with an understanding of the risks, as factions such as the United Colonies will fight back hard. Bounty hunters can make short work of you, too, but their ships are also quite desirable.

One particularly cool ship can be acquired by following through the Mantis quest line, an epic side mission that has already been getting some buzz on social media.

We’ll have a full guide on how to get this ship soon (it’s the one we’ve used as the main picture for this article), but until then, the video below should help you get this really cool ship:

Essentially, you should find a note on a Spacer at some point that guides you to the lair of a legendary vigilante called The Mantis. Follow this quest to completion and you’ll get their armour and their epic ship, which is named the Razorleaf. Well worth a look!

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