The Best TV Shows To Stream Right Now

Todd Van Luling

“The Deuce” leads for a second week in a row on Streamline ― a weekly recommendation list for what to stream online each week.

The top spot for the weekend of Sept. 15 goes to the HBO show. In it, James Franco stars as two different characters alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal, who plays one character (so far). David Simon (“The Wire,” “Show Me a Hero”) co-created the series ― and seems to be having much more fun than in his past masterworks ― which kicks off with a season about the fledgling porn industry in New York City.

The newest recommendations are FX’s “Better Things,” Comedy Central’s “South Park” and Sundance’s “Top of the Lake: China Girl.” You can already stream “South Park” on Hulu.

Good luck this week, and we hope this helps.

(Ji Sub Jeong / HP)

Season 1 Finale: Oct. 29, 2017


Season 4 Release: Sept. 8, 2017


Season 2 Release: Sept. 8, 2017


Season 4 Finale: TBD


Season 2 Finale: Sept. 10, 2017


Season 3 Finale: Oct. 1, 2017

(Adult Swim)

Season 4 Finale: Oct 21, 2017


Season 2 Finale: Nov. 16, 2017


Season 21 Finale: TBD

(Comedy Central)

Season 2 Finale: Sept. 12, 2017


A note on methodology:

Streamline recommendations do not include reality shows, game shows, awards shows, news shows and other shows that aren’t streaming online.

Along with HuffPost’s own “research” (watching countless hours of TV), Streamline opinions are informed by critical reviews from publications like The New York TimesVultureThe A.V. ClubThe Ringer and Collider, and aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Twitter is also providing HuffPost with data on the most tweeted-about streaming shows on its platform.

Shows can appear on the main list for two months after their most recent season’s final episode. Shows that debut all episodes at once will also be eligible for only two months.

If broadcast shows want a chance at showing up on the main list, they should make their episodes easily available to stream.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.