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The best Valentine's Day flower delivery services for 2024 — it's not too late to order!

I tested different flower delivery services to find the best bouquets that'll arrive in time for Valentine's Day.

Farmgirl Flowers bouquet, Bloomsybox bouquet
All hope is not lost! These flower delivery services will get fresh blooms to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. (Farmgirl Flowers, BloomsyBox)

No one — and I mean, no one — would pass up getting fresh flowers on Valentine's Day. There's just something about the heart-filled holiday that activates everyone's romantic side — red roses and all. For that reason, you may be planning to send your special someone a bouquet on Feb. 14. While using a local florist is often the best way to go, sometimes duty calls and you have to go with a Valentine's Day flower delivery service instead.

And if you're here now, then that means you waited until the eleventh hour to sort out your lover's Valentine's Day gift. Luckily, all of these online flower delivery services offer next-day shipping — or even better, a select few can get flowers to your valentine's door in a matter of hours.

A quick caveat: More often than not, you won't receive a bouquet that looks identical to what you ordered online. This is to your advantage, though. All of these online flower delivery services prioritize freshness and quality over color and flower selection. 1-800-Flowers and Teleflora also use local florists to fulfill orders, which means their flower variety may depend on their location. While all of these services claim that they try their best to match colors and flower varieties, there's no guarantee that it'll be exact.

Flower variety: 35 stems of seasonal flowers | Features: Arrives burlap-wrapped and hand-tied

Although it's one of the pricier options on this list, the XOXOXO bouquet's presentation alone makes it worth every penny. It arrived wrapped in red and pink recyclable paper (which is a slight departure from Farmgirl Flowers' signature burlap), and it was clear just how fresh the blooms were — no browned edges, no roughed-up leaves, just 35 eye-catching stems. Farmgirl promises to "always ship the highest quality stems" even if they don't match the ones in the photos, and I can say, without question, that the seasonal arrangement I received was even more beautiful than the one pictured online. I shared the love (well, flowers) with my mom, and her response sums it up: "It's not your typical bouquet. It's a nice selection of flowers, and I love their choice of filler." It's no wonder this one takes the top spot. 

Note: This bouquet is now sold out, but you can get the smaller version (XOXO) in time for Valentine's Day!

$109 XOXOXO at Farmgirl Flowers

Flower variety: Roses, carnations, Peruvian lilies, Limonium and fuchsia stock | Features: Comes with glass cylinder vase 

1-800-Flowers taps local florists to carry out its orders, so no two bouquets are the same. As you can see, the bouquet I received (hand-delivered to my New York City apartment, no less) was stunning but looked slightly different than the pictures online. I didn't mind that there were more purple flowers mixed into the bunch, but this may upset some shoppers who pick bouquets based on color. That said, this arrangement proved why 1-800-Flowers has been in the game for so long: The service is reliable, fast (same-day shipping is available in most locations) and seamless from start to finish.

Note: Delivery dates vary by location. This particular bouquet may not arrive in time for Valentine's Day, but there are plenty of same-day options available.

$59.99 Floral Fantasy Bouquet at 1-800-Flowers

Flower variety: Lilies, roses, hydrangea and hypericum | Features: Can add a video message for $2

I gave my mom a three-month flower subscription from BloomsyBox last Christmas, but this was my first time I saw one of their bouquets up close. It didn't disappoint. It arrived wrapped in paper with extra protection around the more delicate blooms like hydrangeas, and everything inside the box was recyclable (a win in my book). BloomsyBox ships flowers from the farms where they are picked, which means they arrive just a few days after they are cut. As a result, the lilies were still in bud form, but that's a plus since I got to watch them bloom in the days to follow. And while it was certainly eye-catching, its fragrance is what really caught my attention. Between the roses and lilies, this bouquet was just as fragrant as it was beautiful. 

Note: This particular bouquet won't be delivered until after Valentine's Day, but there are plenty of options with next-day delivery.

$89.99 Mystic Bloom Harmony at BloomsyBox

Flower variety: Roses, spray roses, carnations, Scabiosa, ranunculus and anemones | Features: Add a vase or add-on gift for an additional cost

Roses typically get all the attention on Valentine's Day (and understandably so), but the ranunculus and anemones steal the show in this bouquet. The variety of stems is what really impressed me. There weren't any carnations or cheap fillers — just quality blooms that looked more elevated than traditional red and pink roses. Unlike some of the other Valentine's Day flower delivery services on this list, not all of the packaging was fully recyclable, but the bio-based hydration wrap was a great way to keep flowers fresh without the risk of bacteria. Something fun to note: In addition to vases, you can select from an assortment of sweets, candles and other small add-ons to round out your gift.

Note: Get this bouquet on Valentine's Day, depending on where you live. Free shipping is only available on orders of at least $130.

$95 The Gemstone at UrbanStems

Flower variety: Roses, anemone and Limonium | Features: Add a vase for an additional cost

One thing's for sure: You get the most bang for your buck with The Bouqs Co. The flowers are cut fresh and shipped directly to your door, which is why the company claims that their blooms often peak about two or three days after their arrival. I found this to be true: The roses, in particular, looked a bit weathered when they first arrived (granted, I wasn't able to unbox them right away), but after a day's worth of water and sunshine, they perked back up. If you're a rose rookie like I am, then here's a tip: Some roses have guard petals, which are often lighter in color or have spots, so be sure to remove them before placing the flowers in a vase. Thankfully, The Bouqs Co. had clear instructions to do just that!

Note: This particular bouquet won't arrive until after Valentine's Day, but there are tons of other options with next or same-day delivery.

$59 Honeymoon at The Bouqs Co.

Flower variety: Spray roses, alstroemeria, carnations, dusty miller, seeded eucalyptus and huckleberry | Features: Delivered in a red vase; add a balloon, stuffed animal or chocolates for an additional cost

Sure, Teleflora states on their website that local florists may take a few liberties depending on the flowers available, but the bouquet that arrived looked very different than the one pictured. Most noticeably, the roses were on the smaller side and there seemed to be greenery than flowers. Still, all of the stems that were included were incredibly fragrant and fresh. The pearlescent red vase, which comes with every order, was a nice touch! 

Note: Get this bouquet on Valentine's Day for an additional shipping charge, depending on where you live.

$56.99 Scarlet Diamond Bouquet at Teleflora
Grace Rose Farm

Flower variety: Garden roses | Features: Get a $50 gift card when you spend over $149 (for a limited time only)

Grace Rose Farm is an expert in garden roses — not the traditional roses that you may be familiar with. They arrived as semi-bloomed buds and took about three or four days to take their ruffled, rounded shape. I didn't take off the guard petals since Grace Rose Farm mentioned that they'd be out of sight once they were fully bloomed, and they were right. I basked in the beauty of this pretty-in-pink bouquet for a whole week, which is rare given the short lifespan of most roses. The quality is hard to beat, but the prices are rather steep. Most of their standard bouquets with 18 luxe roses come in at $89 or $99, which is considerably more than the other picks on this list. 

Note: One or two-day shipping is available for $25.

$89 Grower's Choice at Grace Rose Farm

I examined bouquets from seven different services for the following:

  • Wow factor: You want your valentine (or galentine) to be stunned by the beauty of the bouquet they receive. Is this bouquet something that'll make their heart aflutter? Or better yet, call you to gush about just how gorgeous it is? Beauty is subjective, but I tried to put my personal preferences aside and examined each bouquet at face value.

  • Freshness: How did the flowers look upon arrival — and how did that change with a little water and sunshine?

  • Packaging and Presentation: Were the flowers hand-delivered or shipped in a box? If they arrived in a box, were they wrapped and protected?

  • Value: Simply put, is it worth your money?

Let your recipient guide you. Maybe they like to keep things traditional with red roses and carnations. Or perhaps they prefer something a little more unexpected like peonies or lilies. All are welcome on Valentine's Day. If you opt for roses, Rachel Cho, the CEO of the New York City-based Rachel Cho Floral Design, recommends the "Explorer rose for its strong head and a deep red tone for a more sultry look." If you want "to create a more dynamic look," she suggests mixing in tulips, sweet peas, freesia, calla lilies or orchids.

Most of the work is done before flowers even hit your doorstep, but there are a few things you can do to extend the life of your fresh blooms. For starters, Cho suggests trimming the stems at an angle upon arrival and changing the water daily. "If you were given flower food, add a dash for each water change. If it's not on hand, a drop of bleach and a dash of sugar can also help," she tells Yahoo Life. Flowers tend to do better in cooler temperatures, which is why Cho notes that you should always "keep the flowers away from direct heat, air conditioning or sunlight."

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