Where Can I Buy Second Hand Cars Online?

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Online shopping has redefined the second hand car purchase process. Gone are the days when shopping for used cars meant spending a whole day hopping from one dealership to another and haggling a lower price. Nowadays, you can easily search where to buy second hand cars online.

Visit a buy-and-sell car website, type your desired make and model, and hit enter. Within seconds, you’ll get an extensive list of second hand cars for sale. All you have to do is find the best deal for you and contact the seller to set up or negotiate the purchase.

The best part of using buy-and-sell car websites? It doesn’t cost anything. You don’t even need to haggle—you can easily find cheap used car deals online. Visit these websites where you can buy used cars online in the Philippines.

Where to Buy Second Hand Cars Online in the Philippines

1. Carmudi

where to buy second hand cars - carmudi
where to buy second hand cars - carmudi

Carmudi[1] is one of the top places to know where to buy second hand cars in the Philippines. The website provides a host of useful services to enhance the buying experience for used cars online.

The most noteworthy is its multi-point inspection service that eliminates the uncertainty about a used car’s real condition. Some of the used cars undergo full inspection—from the interior to under-chassis—before they’re put up for sale online.

Buyers can download an in-depth vehicle inspection report for free, which shows the components that passed the quality and safety checks. The report also recommends parts for repair or replacement. This can help you decide whether a car you’re considering to buy meets your needs and preferences.

Finding the exact car you want is easy, as the website allows filtering your search by location, price range, make and model, year, condition, mileage, transmission, and fuel type. You can also sort the listings by recent posts, nearby locations, cheapest prices, and lowest mileage.

If you’ll buy a second-hand car via an auto loan, you can view the interest rate, down payment, and loan term, as well as compute the monthly payments.

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2. Tsikot

where to buy used cars philippines - tsikot
where to buy used cars philippines - tsikot

Where to buy second-hand cars online, you ask? Then you better try this car selling institution. Tsikot[2] is one of the popular names in the used car market in the Philippines, having been around since the early 2000s. It has comprehensive listings not just of new and used cars for sale but also motorcycles, car parts, and services (car wash, car rentals, repair, window tinting, accessories, etc.).

This innovative buy-and-sell car website sports a user-friendly interface with simple and organized listings. Finding second-hand cars is made easy with filtering search results by keyword, make, model, body type, condition, price range, and location in the Philippines. Used car listings can also be sorted by lowest to highest prices, lowest to highest mileage, vehicle year, newest posts, or most popular posts.

The site has a useful tool for comparing up to five vehicles at a time. It comes up with a very detailed side-by-side comparison of the cars’ exterior and interior parts, and other critical components.

Tsikot also houses one of the biggest and most active local car forums. Pinoy car enthusiasts discuss anything automotive, like car events, brand-specific topics, car advice, and more.

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3. AutoDeal

where to buy second hand cars - autodeal
where to buy second hand cars - autodeal

AutoDeal[3] features brand-new and second-hand car listings from certified dealers and private sellers in the Philippines. It allows thorough search filtering from the make and model, location, and price range down to the engine size, fuel type, and the number of seats. Aside from used cars, you can also search for repossessed and certified pre-owned cars.

To help you make the right decision, AutoDeal has a nifty tool for comparing three second-hand cars at a time. The online tool compares prices, monthly payments, mileage, vehicle specs and features, and safety features. It also highlights used cars with the lowest price, lowest mileage, and biggest engine.

Once you’ve decided on a used car to purchase, you can request quotes from second-hand car dealers through the site. If you don’t get a response from a dealer, AutoDeal’s customer support team can help you get the dealer to reply within 48 hours. Autodeal also has a section for car news and reviews.

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4. Philkotse

where to buy used cars philippines - philkotse
where to buy used cars philippines - philkotse

Philkotse[4] has a comprehensive collection of vehicles for sale, with around a thousand new listings posted daily. Each used car listing includes a detailed description of the car, its current condition, and history. It also shows information on payments (whether cash or bank financing), down payment, and monthly installments.

At the bottom of each used car listing’s page, you can view listings of cars with same models and price range. These provide more options if you aren’t satisfied with the current listing.

Philkotse also has a car comparison feature that allows checking up to three vehicles according to price, monthly payments, condition, mileage, and specs. If you’re still wondering where to buy second hand cars, add Philkotse to your list of car websites.

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5. PhilMotors

where to buy second hand cars - philkotse
where to buy second hand cars - philkotse

If you want a more no-nonsense approach to find where to buy second hand cars, then visit the PhilMotors[5] website right now. Used cars for sale are listed according to city or town, so you can easily find a car near you.

You can also refine your search by price, make, year, model, and type of fuel. PhilMotors also organized their listings according to car brand and specific category, like convertible, hybrid, 4×4, and even damaged cars.

It lacks the bells and whistles other websites have, but it’s a lot more straightforward and convenient for those looking for more car variety. If you’re looking to find the best used car website in the Philippines then PhilMotors is a safe bet.

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6. Zigwheels Philippines

where to buy used cars philippines - zigwheels
where to buy used cars philippines - zigwheels

One of the newcomers in the online car selling business, Zigwheels Philippines[6] stand out for adding value to their car selling platform. Aside from second-hand cars, it also lists used trucks and motorcycles. It also features related content to further educate car buyers.

But in terms of buying experience, Zigwheels isn’t a slouch. You can easily sort your search by price range, make, year, model, and vehicle type. You can also sort second hand cars for sale through popular cities and towns in the Philippines.

You can also read user reviews for popular car models to help guide you to the right used car. Zigwheels Philippines is certainly a good addition to your list of where to buy second hand cars in the Philippines. You can also join the Zigwheels Community to interact with fellow car enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

These six best car selling websites in the Philippines are a cut above the rest in terms of ease of use, helpful features, and security. Remember that they act only as agents between used car buyers and sellers. So when using them, you’re still responsible for verifying the accuracy and legitimacy of the listings. Shop for second-hand cars online wisely!

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