Comedian shares 'scary hotel situation' as warning for other women traveling alone: 'You never know'

Comedian Heather McDonald recently shared a warning to her TikTok followers after an unusual experience at her hotel in Texas.

McDonald claimed that she was back in her room at the Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport hotel when she heard a “powerful” knock at her door.

“I’m like, ‘Hello?’ And this guy — I can’t understand what he’s saying, but he’s saying something — and I immediately double-lock the door,” she said. “Yes?”

According to McDonald, the person on the other side of the door said he was sent by housekeeping to visit her room because the department thought she had called. McDonald hadn’t, and she had a feeling the person wasn’t who he said he was either.

“He kept talking to me again and I said, ‘I don’t need housekeeping,'” she recalled. “I looked through the peephole and it was a guy who did not look like he was dressed in [a] housekeeping outfit; he did not have a cart with shampoos or anything like that.”

McDonald immediately called the front desk and stated her concerns and her room number. She also called her assistant, who was staying down the hall, and told her to double-lock her door and not answer it for anyone.

“You never know,” she concluded. “Better safe than sorry, especially when you’re a woman traveling alone.”

A lot of women in the comments expressed similar concerns while traveling alone and offered their tips and tricks to feel safer.

“Flight attendant here,” one person wrote. “ALWAYS DOUBLE LOCK YOUR DOOR AS SOON AS YOU GET IN ROOM (after doing thorough room check )!!!!!”

“I travel a lot alone,” another user said. “First thing I ever do when I walk in is lock the double lock — you were smart!”

“You followed your intuition,” someone pointed out. “If you’re not expecting anyone… don’t answer!!!

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