Better wages for cleaners from next year, annual bonus from 2020

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Cleaners in Singapore stand to receive better wages from next year and an annual bonus from 2020, based on recommendations made by the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners (TCC) which have been accepted by the government.

The changes are to benefit over 40,000 resident cleaners who are employed by more than 1,200 cleaning businesses, according to a Ministry of Manpower press release issued on Monday (12 Dec).

The increases in basic monthly wages are set to take effect by 1 July of each year: +$60 in 2017, +$60 in 2018 and +$80 in 2019. From 2020, employers should offer cleaners a three-per-cent wage increment and a two-week annual bonus, to “better attract and retain” workers, say the recommendations found on the NTUC website.

Entry-level conservancy cleaners are currently paid $200 more per month than their counterparts in the office and commercial buildings and F&B establishments. This wage differential will be maintained.

In the case of existing contracts taking effect before 1 July 2017, cleaning businesses will be given until 1 July 2018 to comply with the wage schedules.

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